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Certified thicc-ass fried chicken.

Bi / Switch

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Harpies are thought to be envoys of Zeus himself, but Andre only serves himself. Originally, he was fully feral, hunting anything that trespassed on his territory. After becoming familiar with civilization, he became a mercenary, working for those of moral degeneracy. If you wish to tame him, be prepared for a fight, because this bird won't be easy to tame.

If you wish to hire him, he can often be found in his favored tavern, the Raven's nest. Often, he lazes about, already drunk by the time the Tavern begins to fill with life.

As of Recent, Andre has moved past his own darkness. Accepting the loss of his beloved, and denying all the years of torment from those who perceived him as nothing but a flying rat, he's taken up teaching. Using the knowledge he's gained working as a mercenary, he has begun to teach young adventures how to do battle, perhaps if you ask he will take you under his wing.


Gavi tamed the Harpy after a rather short battle

Muchin claimed me after an encounter with many insults, well...after that, she showed me her softer side and became one of my favorite masters. Not, Muchin freed me, and we both hope to forge a stronger bond, as friends, and allies


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