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Hi there. I'd like to try a bit of everything here on EF (at least once ;) ), but reading my profile below should give you a pretty good idea if we'd make a good match or not.

My preferred type of game involves a lot of naughty action descriptions. A some detailed sentences describing what you are doing to me are hotter than any image this site has to offer. Also like RPing scenarios and/or dirty talk, but descriptions will really drive me up the wall :) Don't really like quiet games, we all have the bots for that.

I mostly a switch leaning towards sub that enjoys having a woman try to seduce me and making me to cum. I enjoy being dominated through pleasure... making me lose control and unable to resist your actions and (mostly) words. If you want to break me down it's not by causing pain nor humiliation. Describe things to me, tease me, seduce me, coax the cum out of me and make it impossible for me to resist. Keep in mind that I will try to resist your every move, part of the fun is that fight for dominance where you get me so turned on that I melt in your hands (or mouth ;) ) I won't make it easy for you... you want to break me, you gotta show you are naughty enough. Up for the challenge?

Likes: Love detailed action descriptions. Put images in my mind, tell me exactly what and how you'll be doing things to me. But I WILL keep resisting throughout and never giving in completely. Not being able to push me over the edge means I'll push back and go on the offense myself. But being forced to cum while trying to resist you is a defeat that I can live with ;)
Use your mouth on my cock and I'm in trouble! Blowjobs will be my undoing. A some naughty sentences about that and my knees start to shake.

Dislikes: Violence, pain, humiliation (thrash talk is not humiliation though), quiet games (that's for bots).

Weaknesses: I never intend to lose and will try to make you cum (unless the scenario we're playing says otherwise). But there are some weaknesses you can try to explore (if you so choose). I'm giving you the opportunity to tip the scales in your favor if you choose to take it and if you think you got what it takes (not many do ;) ).
A major turn on mine are detailed descriptions, so if you are descriptive and naughty enough to fill my head with the images of what you are doing to me, and couple that with my oral fixation on blowjobs, you might get me too worked up to be able to think straight and I might end up skipping a move (or maybe even not resisting to cum). Remember that this will NOT be easy!
When you make your action (or even during mine) and you choose to just write a short sentence, that is fine. But what I find even hotter is if you write several/longer lines with lots of details and naughtiness. I consider that making your actions a lot more powerful, which might end up with me falling under your control.

Feel free to suggest any rules, settings, scenarios or whatever you find interesting, as long as it's fun for us, I'm game.

I also love to chat and DM. Feel free to message me... either to talk about kinks, RP some scenarios, or just idle chatting :)

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