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Come on- an idiot [Roleplay/SM/wrestling/battle/fuck]

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Hello everyone-
Before I start writing this profile I should tell you something-
I can't write english well. so I can't understand your sentence. I alwyas try to understand your sentence.
I like defeat and wins. I like anything situation.
alsoThis is a char played by a male
Then...Let's see about the profile

Age: 25
Country: Republic of Korea
Gender: Female
Height: 166cm
Weight: 50kg

Win: 4
Defeat: 2

Total game: 6

Call me anytimes -!

with Hitomi
: 3 win 1 defeat
In the first game, I played very well against Hitomi. He was able to win for the first time, and Hitomi left, signaling revenge.
However, in the second game, I ended up losing to Hitomi, so I was left alone in the ring and lay lonely. The third game will be played soon to determine who is better.
At the end of the third match, there was a crisis that seemed to be lost, but I overcame it by squeezing out my last strength. In the end, he took the current advantage by putting his opponent's toy in his butt and stepping on it one more time.This time I finally beat her once again. In the beginning, it seemed to be pushed back, but after that, it turned around and won.

with Reina <3
: 1 win 0 defeat
It was a wrestling match between Koreans and Japanese pride. I was able to win because I showed an advantageous technique at the end of the first game. After the game, Myoha succeeded in making his opponent servile.

with Countess Sasha
: 0 win 1 defeat
It was played in the form of a classic game. It was winning in the early stages, setting her up first. But after that, I lost with a special skill.

with Bella
: 1 win 0 defeat
I'm the one who never got me excited during the game. she said to be the winner of the LWR league, but she is not quite good. I'm going to try again in my slut state. But...Everyone will know about the result.

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