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(I'm mostly-lesbian-leaning bi, but I mark my profile "lesbian" for some bot play. Guys, if you have a hot, creative profile and you're ready to try, let me know and I can switch it.)

I'm back in school for the fall now, but over the summer I hooked up with a touring troupe staging mud/jello/oil wrestling in East Coast clubs. I had a couple of cums-first-loses matches after the shows with two of the other girls, one with a small audience (some of the other girls we're touring with). I really, really liked it. Lost my first match, won my second one, and her BF introduced me to EF. I have a powerful competitive streak and I love to test myself against a competitor.

Looking for fun, sporting, and good-natured sexfights - I want to still be friends with you when we're done.

(I want us both playing hard to win. I'm totally not going to just roll over. I'm not into domming OR subbing, just competitive play for the joy of competing. Or maybe a catty little match after I screw your BF. Or your GF. Or your BF and your GF. Public or Private matches, doesn't matter. Slight preference for Public, but nowhere near a deal breaker. Extremely Open to IRL challenges.)

Want to add some in-game rules? Totally, totally optional. I thoroughly enjoy "plain rules" matches, too. Any or none of the following, on the other hand, are suggestions but please bring me your ideas: (smiles)

And for the record, Isabelle left me such a quivering mess in LWR that, after I won the initial orgasm she then made me O twice in a row, I had no choice but to surrender to her. She is, indeed, an amazing competitor. And she's an expert in making absolute best use of her manual dexterity. In my defense, I'll just say I had been watching public games for an hour or so beforehand...

Interested in scenarios? So am I, when I have time for a long match.

Our two universities' teams played twice and tied this season 1-1. Our coaches decide to break the tie. My coach selects five girls, and your coach does the same. We meet on the mat, one on one. Team that wins the most times wins the season, the trophy, and a weekend of amazing sex.

Bondage Match, anyone? giggles We start naked, ball gagged, and handcuffed right wrist to opposing left wrist with leg irons. Handcuff chains are too short for fighting, but leg irons give us about 18 inches/0.3 meters of leeway. They also serve as something to choke an opponent with. My ball gags, by the way, are the beginner type - slightly on the small side, yes, but importantly they have breathing holes in them. I'll let you pick the color. I recommend you bring the beginner type, too, but you do you. If you've got enough experience and are sure enough of yourself, then you go ahead and wear that 2.25 inch (6 cm!) monster.

In a hurry? Bondage matches are pretty short since there's no trash talking, just a lot of grunts and drooling. To be fair, there IS the occasional glimpse into what I'm thinking. Like, right now, how badly I need my nipples sucked and not just played with Other possibilities: The Strip Fight. First to lose all their clothes loses the match. I like playing this with my friends when we're just hanging out bored. Protect Your Holes: first one to get a dick or a dildo in their pussy or ass three times loses.

Credit to Emma for the next three. I expanded on them a little.

The Professional Sexfighting League. Just what it says on the tin... high sales of expensive tickets means there's a lot of prize money on the line. There's a lot less prize money for the loser. Still there's a comfortable living just being a jobber. To keep it interesting, there are several types of matches. Sometimes the competitors get to choose, sometimes the decision is made for them well ahead of time. This can be a purely sensual sexfight (aka "Classic") and it can be "first to cum loses" or can require two orgasms to lose. Alternatively, a little bit more wrestling-oriented matches, known historically as "LWR", are always a crowd favorite. The rules here can vary from mild to wild with stakes, bets, and side bets galore.

The Amateur Sexfighting League has a superficial resemblance to the pros, except the venues are a lot cheaper and there isn't any prize money. None of the fancy arena props here; we're just going at it on a wrestling mat. Or sometimes some matresses. Or once in a while we go at it in the dirt, which gets a little messy when it rains. And really messy after it rains.

"Sexfightr" [sic] is a phone app for arranging matches. It has two modes. You might just receive messages from the league telling you when and where your next match is, but that's not the most common way we use it. In "Predator and Prey" mode, the app uses GPS and Bluetooth location services to tell you the distance to your closest fellow player. It even gives you a picture of her and a basic description. When you meet up with each other, it's time to find a quiet place to determine a winner. Or perhaps a very public place. You never know. Optional - if you can sneak up on your opponent and tap her on the back, she has to skip her first two turns. Pay attention to your surroundings, ladies. That's just good advice in general.

NCAA sex wrestling tournament. Quite a few schools, especially in the Midwest, have added women's wrestling to help reach Title IX compliance (IRL: True. I wish it was true at my school). The attendance was never very good, ticket sales were pitiful, and the schools went to the NCAA with a plan to, shall we say, "dramatically increase revenue". Admission is restricted to season ticket holders, it's an expensive package, and the audience is all female or female-identifying. Matches are conventional LWR for cis-gender females. Matches between cis- and trans-gender competitors are conducted oiled, classic mode, and the cis-gendered female must orgasm within 5 minutes of the start of the match (otherwise, the trans girls don't stand a chance).

Plenty of locations are available for holding our matches, regardless of whether they're League, NCAA, Sexfightr, or anything else. The Predator and Prey mode in Sexfightr leads to some pretty random encounters. Parking decks, bathrooms, an unused office. There was even a sexfight in a minivan once. Fortunately, it was a rental, and she opted for the insurance. Seatbelts are handy for tying up your opponent and if you time it right? She won't mind losing. For the rest of league play the mat room is available, but why confine ourselves? There quite a few possibilities:

From here down is the IRL section.

This is all totally optional. I recognize it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Want to add some irl rules? Again, any of these, none, doesn't matter. Feel free to impose one/some on me but not on yourself. (smiles again)
- Edge on actions in erogenous areas. This can be "defender only" or it can be both of us if you're attacking with genitals (fuck me and we both touch/edge, fuck me with a dildo and only I have to).
- Sure, nipples can count too. Entirely up to you.
- On any action that increases cum overload, edge as many times as the CO meter increased by.
- On cum tests, edge as many times as your "cum overload" level. Note that this can make even a moderate cum test a good winning strategy.
- On cum tests, the defender touches for 2 minutes (timer). If they resist orgasm, the attacker then touches for 2 minutes. If no irl winner yet, then continue as usual.

Do you have rules you want to play with? I'm pretty open. If they're crazy complicated. It would help if you put them in your profile so I can print them out for reference. Maybe not any rules that need a calculator and a flow chart, though. grin

I LOVE Kamikaze Keith's IRL dice rules:

a. D6 dice roll for any pins or submissions - 4/5/6 break and take turn, 2/3 normal skip. If rolling 1, forced edge OR roll D7 and must touch yourself in that amount of time. Once you are forced to skip you must roll a 4/5/6 to break free. 3x unsuccessful forces a D7 penalty or required edge. Tap out allowed anytime to break roll but must take "tapout" penalty

b. D7 dice roll for actions towards you that involves fingering/rubbing/stroking/penetration/oral to the pussy, crotch, or ass must touch themselves with timer - 30s to 90s (d1 = 30s, d2 = 40s, d3 = 50, d4 = 60s, d5 = 70s, d6 = 80s, d7 - 90s) beat set by opponent

c. Tap Outs- Touch yourself for 60s

d. Cum Tests - must roll higher than your pleasure score or subject to 2 min timer with beat/pace

e. Single IRL orgasm = In game surrender

I've also played The Tainted Throne (thanks, Keith!) and had a blast.

A surprisingly fun game with the simplest rule: on any erogenous contact, attacking or defending, touch for 45 seconds. (Credit to Anonbee for introducing me to this. And also for losing. giggles)

My record on IRL Orgasm Matches is... I've lost track. Somewhere around 50% wins, maybe 40%. My IRL record in 'bot games is significantly worse.

Do you have IRL ideas? Try me. Worst is we negotiate down, best is you have a new partner to spar with.

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