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Want to try me in a short mode edging or touching match?

Lesbian / Switch

(Spotty availability until the end of the semester)

(I'm mostly-lesbian-leaning bi, but I mark my profile "lesbian" for some bot play. Guys, if you have a hot, creative profile and you're ready to try, let me know and I can switch it back temporarily.)

PfP: out front at the end of NCAA Triathlon Regionals. I dueled with another chick for the last three miles before she cracked. It felt really good. (and no, the picture is not me, don't google it, give her some privacy.)

I'm back in school for the fall now, but over the summer I hooked up with a touring troupe staging mud/jello/oil wrestling in East Coast clubs. I've had a few cums-first-loses matches with two of the other girls after shows, one with a small audience (some of the other girls we're touring with). I really, really liked it. I have a powerful competitive streak and I love to test myself against a competitor.

Looking for fun, sporting, good-natured sexfights - I want to still be friends with you when we're done and I do NOT want to be fucked dry or suffer more than minor injuries.

Unless you have a request, I'm probably going to be fighting in a Tyr 2-piece triathlon-style swimsuit. My bra top has enough support to run in, which is good because I don't have time to change it after the swim leg of a race. You're going to have to work to get it off. Try not to tear it because it's well over $100.

(I want us both playing hard to win. I'm totally not going to just roll over. I'm not into domming OR subbing, just competitive play for the joy of competing. Or maybe a catty little match after I screw your BF. Or your GF. Public or Private matches, doesn't matter. Preference for Public, but nowhere near a dealbreaker. Very Open to IRL challenges.)

Want to add some rules? I do. Any or none of the following. smiles
- Bondage: roll 5/6 to escape else I skip, 3 turn limit (pretty standard)
- Actions upon your sensitive bits: roll 1d100, if lower than current pleasure level, skip
- Pure Pleasure: if your pleasure meter hits 100%, you lose. Can lead to deliberately failing a cum test to reduce pleasure level to a safer number, but what if you cum a second time? Choose wisely.
- Special weakness: pleasurable action against some part of your body leads to a skipped turn. I've had nipplegasms before, and they're amazing. Just saying...
- I think Blind Mode is hot as hell. If you think you can handle it, try me.

Want to add some irl rules? Again, any of these, none, doesn't matter. Feel free to impose one/some on me but not on yourself. smiles
- Edge on genital actions
- Sure, nipples can count too. Entirely up to you. Indeed, I'm playing under "my nipples are an erogenous zone") until I win 3 irl matches. Wish me luck. 0/3.
- On cum tests, edge as many times as your "cum overload" level. Note that this can make even an unlikely cum test a good winning strategy.

I LOVE Kamikaze Keith's IRL dice rules:

a. D6 dice roll for any pins or submissions - 4/5/6 break and take turn, 2/3 normal skip. If rolling 1, forced edge OR roll D7 and must touch yourself in that amount of time. Once you are forced to skip you must roll a 4/5/6 to break free. 3x unsuccessful forces a D7 penalty or required edge. Tap out allowed anytime to break roll but must take "tapout" penalty

b. D7 dice roll for actions towards you that involves fingering/rubbing/stroking/penetration/oral to the pussy, crotch, or ass must touch themselves with timer - 30s to 90s (d1 = 30s, d2 = 40s, d3 = 50, d4 = 60s, d5 = 70s, d6 = 80s, d7 - 90s) beat set by opponent

c. Tap Outs- Touch yourself for 60s

d. CumTests - must roll higher than your pleasure score or subject to 2 min timer with beat/pace

e. Single IRL orgasm = In game surrender

I've also played The Tainted Throne (thanks, Keith!) and had a blast.

My record on IRL Orgasm Matches is 4 wins and 4 losses. In a battle of willpower you can't blame the RNG, only yourself. My record in 'bot games is significantly worse.

And for the record, Isabelle left me such a quivering mess in LWR that, after I won the initial orgasm and then she made me O twice in a row, I had no choice but to surrender to her. She is, indeed, an amazing competitor. And she's an expert in making absolute best use of her manual dexterity. In my defense, I'll just say I had been watching public games for an hour or so beforehand...

Do you have IRL ideas? Try me. Worst is we negotiate down, best is you have a new partner to spar with.)

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