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Fun games and roleplays. New to this site but don't got easy on me ;)

Lesbian / Switch

❤ Welcome to my Wonderland ❤

I'm Alice, nice to see you on here, have a cup of tea ☕ while you read
or wait for me to answer your DM 😘

Open to play/chat/vibe with everyone as long as you're not an asshole,

although it has to be said that most of the time I don't feel like playing with men. When I do I'll mark the checkbox for it 😋
Currently looking for: [ ] male [x] female

About me:

There's not too much that can be said about me really, I enjoy climbing, nature walks and a good book.
Oh and I'm a sucker for a good home cooked meal.
Wow... ok this didn't start off well, anyways
To get the 'ASL' out of the way: I'm 27 y.o., trans-fem (she/her please 💕), somewhere in Europe 🤭

I did put a picture in so you probably already have a good idea of what I look like but here's some more:
- Height: 184cm (6'1")
- Weight: 71kg (156 lbs)
- Eyecolor: Hazel (brown if you're boring)
- Haircolor: whatever I feel like (currently sea-green)

I hope that after reading this you have a general idea of who I am, more sexual preferences and information following below

Orientation and Kinks:

Heavily leaning Dom to the point where I only ever sub if you exactly know how to push my buttons,
guess you'll have to find those out if you want a chance 😈
Above everything else I love breaking fake-dom(me)s, showing them their place in this world which is under my heel.
Other kinks include but are not limited to
cumplay, spitplay, knifeplay,creampies, choking, gagging, collaring,
pain, competition, humiliation, degradation, name calling, hair pulling

If you're wondering if I have some specific kink just ask me 😊

I'm looking forward to having some great times on here ~

Special Mentions:

Onyxia we had a fun competitive match, as usual there was a lot of trashtalking going on before and during the match. In the end she made me eat those words but not before I made her cum like a buttslut while pounding her~

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