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Into RP? Well, I am too! Wonder what we could get up to... (RP Main, DM'S always open + Requests)

Hey there! I'm 19, Male, Straight, and an avid Roleplayer!
I've become accustomed to most things on the site, and a very friendly person, so don't be afraid to just chat me up! :)

I'm an easy switch, but like to try to dominate if the girl is more into being in my control.

I enjoy Hypnosis, Latex, and I'm into bondage, but I also enjoy interactive and helping others fantasies come true, so if you'd like something just let me know.

I'd prefer someone both friendly and looking for a good time, and while RP is my strong suit I also enjoy interactive and shorter, less complex stories.

Usually only play late in the night, and MAY go dark (offline) if I hear something outside my room.

Anyway, shoot me a message if your interested, and I hope to hear from you :)

P.S: Thanks for the new PFP, You know who you are...


My very first challenger was the bratty Domor and while she was confident in turning a fresh, Erofight noob like me into her toy, she underestimated the Determination I possessed, and finally came to a shaking orgasm at my mercy, encased in latex.
My pet challenged me again the next day, Double or nothing. And while she made me cum first, she was no match for the special Latex suit I made her wear, She is now TOTALLY under my control, and as my first slave, my most prized possession.

Kitten Zoey was a fun little conquest of mine. I found her roaming, and offered her a place to stay, so long as she submitted to me. Soon, I tamed my own little kitten, and its safe to say, she is VERY~ happy with what happened to her that night.

I met Aubrey through the Matchmaker, and within moments I had her tied up, happily obeying my commands. She swallowed like a Good Girl, and she wears a nice White and Gold Collar, happy to be one of my new Pets~.

The lovely, chaotic Doodette has become a good friend of mine! Gifting me some of her powers, I now posses shapeshifting and shadow-related abilities. I prefer a kitsune/wolf with dark grey fur as an alt appearance, so any Fox girls out there, HMU! ;)

Outside the EF hotel, A young, shy, cute little thing passed me by. I couldn't take my eyes off Madison. We talked for a bit, before going somewhere a little more...Private~...After a passionate exchange, we had a mutual understanding of our new roles in our relationship. She makes for a beautiful Kitten~

After talking with Day for a while, we finally met alone together. She wasted no time, ordering me to strip, and tying me up. Within moments, she had me begging for her touch. She collared me, and made me her Good Boy, and while at first I resisted, over the course of nearly 3 hours of teasing, she forced my orgasm and my Submission to the surface. She has Collared me, and now calls me her SubBoy... As of yet, she is the only one to make me fully submit, though this is bound to change eventually...

Want more? Okay~

== Results from ==
100% Switch
96% Rigger
96% Rope bunny
96% Primal (Hunter)
92% Pet
91% Dominant
91% Brat
90% Submissive
88% Brat tamer
86% Experimentalist
85% Master/Mistress
85% Primal (Prey)
83% Owner
73% Voyeur
60% Degrader
58% Slave
55% Exhibitionist
52% Non-monogamist
45% Degradee
43% Vanilla
40% Masochist
35% Sadist
10% Daddy/Mommy
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer

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