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Hopping between rooms usually <3

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Hii! I'm Elena, the cutest thing you'll see today!

Height: 165cm
Weight: 48 kg
Breast: 34DD

General information
Many says that i'm a really cute girl, and i'm so happy to have so many admirers! giggles
I like sweets, books and long walking in the nature, and i'm here to see what i love the most: cumming dicks and dripping pussies!
If you think that only because i'm cutie i don't like sex, you're wrong! I will make you lose your mind for me and then give me your best orgasms, but if you're a strong dominant person, well.... I won't resist you so much!
See you in the bedroom, sweeties! ❤


I was roaming around EF city, as i usually do when i'm bored. I love to spread joy and love to everyone around this place! But one day, during the Easter period, I decided to cosplay as a bunny. It was a joke at first, but those bunny ears and bunny tail were fitting me so well...
I kept them on me for one week, only to discover the truth: those props were cursed! I couldn't take them off no matter i tried... THEY WERE A PART OF ME!
After some moment of confusion, i looked at myself on a mirror, and i never saw myself so much cute. A new bunny girl was born, ready to hop on your lap to steal snuggles and, eheh, orgasms!

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Your partner is cutely moaning while you rub her hole. You bring her to the closest mirror to let her admire how beautiful she is while you finger her. Make her watch herself while fingered She tries to get the upper hand lifting you up, but your rapid and sneaky hand catches her off guard! You finger her helpless pussy as fast as you can, trying to escape from her arms. Judging by the look on her face, your move is going exactly as planned! Finger her while lifted! A strong, hungry Incubus from Hell joins you, using his masculine charm to make the adventurer submit! Encounter+: Hungry Incubus! He managed to fuck the adventurer and stealing his precious cum! Now the Incubus is stronger, the adventurer is weaker, and the dungeon increases its power! The Incubus steals your orgasm! The adventurer somehow manages to get the upper hand on the Incubus, making him cum and tying him down for another 1000 years. Another warrior falls, and the adventurer is one step closer to triumph... You make the Incubus submit! The fight is going to be intense! You get ready to rumble by stretching your muscles. Take your time to stretch yourself You want your partner all worked up for you, so you make him taste one on your fingers! Will he become hungry for more of your body? Finger in mouth Let’s pump up the crowd and show off your charm! You want them on your side, so you give them a show! You climb the turnbuckle and lose, showing them your fit body to them. Show off your body! You need a moment to recover from all the fucking, but you don't want to let her wait with nothing to do! You take out your laptop and queue up a porn video for her. She can't resist the urge to touch herself! Put porn on for her! 1! 2! 3! The referee counts and you're the winner of the match! They award you with the Title you always dreamt about, now you can wear it proudly! You won the Title!

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