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Welcome to my profile

Glad to see you here. My name is Richard and I'm a 33 year old man with black hair, brown eyes, broad shoulders and chest from swimming, toned legs from running. I find it particularly hard to talk about one's true self: years of feelings, experiences, ideas, all condensed into a couple of paragraphs. What I can say is that I was missing something in my life, some spark to excite me, and EF came at the right time. Here I can express myself and many of my fantasies in multiple ways, some that I could never properly materialize in real life.

I stumbled here via a friend and since then I've grown quite fond of this community. I love to tease and be teased, there's a certain charm to the sexual tension that gradually builds up between two (or more) people and eventually explodes in many unpredictable ways. If we match, I will definitely try to tease you first, taking my time to turn up the heat and make you feel the need, the want grow exponentially until it can no longer be contained. I can and will adapt, so if I notice you wanting something stronger or more direct, my approach will also change.

Speaking in more broad terms about the game itself, I am usually on Classic mode, but that's just for the sake of matchmaking: I am open to do the other modes as well, with no issue. Bets are great as long as they are not humiliating, nor involve anything that is beyond my limits. I do not make avatar bets, or anything that involves changing my name. Due to some suggestions I've decided to try the Wrestling mode and right now I'm looking for people to spar with, initially to see how the mode works and how it should be played properly.

Communication is key, I like to talk because it helps me understand my partners and fulfill their wishes. It all feels like a dance, and the more attuned the partners are, the better it gets. Although I understand that is not for everyone, so I can also do quick, no RP games, just say the word before we begin, I'm here to have fun and making my partner feel comfortable is always a priority. As a non-native speaker, I do sometimes have issues with my vocabulary, but I try my best to convey my ideas and thoughts the best way that I can.

I am a dom, don't expect me to sub for you because it is not going to happen. It is far too common amongst the dominas here to brag about their power or what they want to do to men here, while showing not a single sliver that demonstrate they understand that not everyone is equal and that the same tired and old approach will not work every time. The real world out there is wide, don't think that because you're hot stuff in your bubble that there aren't better people out there, because there are. I keep that in mind every single time, there's always fantastic and incredible people out there that we never meet in our daily lives, and many times not meeting them will make us think we're better than we truly are, letting our egos go rampant. In short, don't waste your time and go for the thousands of actual subs available here that will crawl through glass to kiss your feet, I'm not interested in being your pet, slave or anything of the sort. My heart already belongs to someone, and it is not you.

For the dom sessions, I will never do anything you don't want to, your safety is my number one concern, together with your trust. Establishing the limits beforehand is preferable, so we both know how to proceed. Expanding a bit on it, far too many people take a hyper-violent, ultra aggressive, just-humiliation approach to it, before even knowing or understanding what their partner wants, needs, their limits and tastes. If you want me to dom you just for me to be really rough without knowing you first, you're choosing the wrong person, and better move on to the many others here that can do it for you. I prefer to earn the trust and submission of any submissive, plus the titles. The first time I meet you I am not your Master, I haven't done anything at all to earn that title, but given the chance I will make sure that I do my best to actually deserve being called by that name. This doesn't mean that I don't get rough, I do, and those that I trust and have given me their trust know very well it to be true, but that's exactly the thing: we both have to trust each other before the roughness begins. If it is something related to IRL, that bar is even higher, because I need to be absolutely sure that you are well within your limits, and will not do something crazy or propose to do something nuts that will hurt you in the end. Rope play, breath play, some types of insertions, those things are all dangerous when not taken seriously or with the proper care, and that's where trust comes in: I need to trust you, before blindly giving you what you want while you are extremely aroused and sometimes can't think properly, just needing that extra rush of pleasure. All in all, I want you to choose to submit to me because I managed to earn your trust, not because I was rough and it made you tingle for a moment. I want and need to make sure that you are safe, secure, so that you can open yourself and know that I'll be there to catch and hold you.

This profile is still under construction, with more to come in the future as I meet more wonderful people from here, so thank you for reading this until the end, and I hope to meet you soon.

Hall of Fame

These are some of the best players and overall people that I've met here. Hopefully this list will only grow with time, and if you think we had a unique or memorable match but your name isn't here, don't fret: it is probably because this was a recent addition to my profile, and I haven't or couldn't ask you for your permission to add it here (some dislike being added to profiles, so I respect that decision). With all that out of the way, let's get to it:

(PS: There is no order, every one of you are equally amazing, but I cannot for the life of me make a table work so this is how I've decided to do for the moment)

Will come back later reformed and restructured, properly done this time.



Wanted to test something for myself but this is a work-in-progress, values and entire descriptions might change over time, as to balance them since they are being created to be permanent and not just bet related. Some will be subjective, others not, and I might expand or even delete them as time goes on. Here they are:

A Taste For Words: This is a subjective rule, to reward those that go that extra mile. If you do an action that does not involve contact between us, penetration, masturbation on your end (think those that involve stripping, breast rubbing, lollipops, certain teases, that sort of thing), and add a dirty talk so good that it excites me IRL, I will pass my next turn due to all the blood rushing downstairs. This is not going to happen often, just so you know, but I'm adding this one here because sometimes I wish I could reward some of you for the insanely hot things that come out of your minds.


Here I will display all the bets that I have received due to losses or other situations. They are:

What I like:
- Roleplaying;
- Oral Sex (giving and receiving);
- Breeding (thank you, you know who, for getting me even more into it);
- Outercourse (Tit-fucks, lap dances, assjobs, that sort of thing);
- Teasing (again, going both ways);
- Edging;
- Jerk Off Instructions (If you tell me how you want me to do it I'll probably do it);
- Pleasuring my partners (I don't like to leave anyone unfulfilled).

What I don't like:
- Humiliation (on myself, If you insist on doing that to me I will leave, and further transgressions will get blocked);
- Chastity (on myself);
- Scat;
- CBT;
- Cuckolding (hard limit no second chances, zero tolerance).

My DMs are always open, either for roleplaying or setting up matches, just be respectful.

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