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Love irl, love rp, mostly love making new friends

异性恋 / Switch

25, USA, and a switch to a fault. If you're looking to have a good time I'm your guy. I'm down for roleplay or just a conversation. I'm typically in the classic matchmaking but I'm not married to that gamemode, so just shoot me a message if you want to play or just talk.

Laura owned my ass. I could not compete with her strapon
I got drained by Hazel's amazing oral abilities and came buckets of cum
I went back and forth with Kimberly Mounds but ultimately her pussy proved superior
I thought I had Iris on the ropes, but she used her thighs to break me

== Results from ==
100% Switch
94% Exhibitionist
91% Brat
88% Vanilla
87% Rope bunny
85% Submissive
81% Dominant
81% Brat tamer
77% Rigger
76% Experimentalist

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