Bimbo Whore Kandy (Niveau 10) mail warning

Prefer Roleplaying - using a bimbo speak translator until I win 10 games...

Bi / Soumis(e)

Just your average girl Bimbo that's really into a lot of things, and loves to find new things to get into. I'm of the competitive type so bring your best game :D
I love to roleplay and add details around the actions as we play them

temporarily Made into a Sissy by Penny, she lured me in and kept my cock lock until she finally freed me for a second orgasm, now she makes me beg for cock until I can get myself out of this, for a sissy I have a rather large cock, coming in at roughly 10 inches.... but locked up in the cage it's not very useful... I just need someone to set me free now...

after being unable to stop myself from cumming in his ass, my mouth was roughly taken, Micheal's cock being used to force a small pill down my throat, reprogramming me as my length slipped away out of my hand, and became my new pussy, forcing me to become fully female

After finding me late at night in a kink club Gale took me to a back room and introduced me to Wani, where they took turns playing with me, tying and teasing me until I submitted to them. Now I am Wani and Gale's play toy, to use whenever they like. And and I love every second of being their perfect slave toy.

Ethan has warped me into his painslut.... corrupting me more and more each time i see him, conditioning me to get off on the pain....

I'm up for any game mode so if you see me in one don't hesitate to send me a message!

Rules given to me after a couple of losses if you'd like to play with them. If I win, I get to remove one. If I lose, my opponent gets to add one. My current set of rules is as follows:

After Marc made me his good little anal toy, I have to thank my partner whenever they fucks my ass and then beg for more~

Bimbo Rules
-I must always use the action which contains the most CO
-I always cum if all my holes are being used
-When my opponent brings out their cock, slaps me with it or flexes it in front of me, I'll become hypnotized
-I prioritize fucking and sucking actions over everything else
-at least one of your words in every sentence must be written wrong

the above link is a browser extension that bimbofies and scrambles text to make reading and writing difficult: starting from 130 i will decrease 10 iq for each loss and gain ten for each win to support the last bimbo rule
IQ Slider for the above link:

-I am a bimbo following the above rules until (5/10) wins

My Body

I am 5'8
DD tits

Big round ass

A bit of a switch though it really depends on who I'm with.
I'm always up for a new thing and never back down from a challenge.
Bondage and Hypno rules among others are always a yes for me if you're into that, and I'd love to hear what other rules you might like to play with.
Wagers can be fun and I'm interested in them as long as I know what you like ;)

I really enjoy RP, and getting better with each game.
Love edging, teasing, bondage, and some name-calling going both ways if you're up for it

== Results from ==
100% Brat
100% Degradee
100% Rope bunny
97% Submissive
91% Masochist
89% Rigger
88% Experimentalist
84% Degrader
80% Sadist
78% Switch
75% Brat tamer
75% Slave
70% Primal (Prey)
68% Non-monogamist
67% Dominant
61% Primal (Hunter)
53% Voyeur

My shrine to cock and cum, added by Ethan:
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shopping_cart Jouets : Gag, Plug Anal, Vibro, Pinces pour tétons, Fleshlight, Anneau de pénis, Masseur de prostate, Collier, Laisse, Menottes, Corde, Cage/Ceinture de chasteté, Elastique, Lacets, Ecraseur de pénis, Cravache


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