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Always looking for nice RP games :3

The Siblings of Lust


I'm Lilith and I'm a scary Succubus!
Looks at piece of paper ~ ahm and I'm here to drain you all!

Stands proudly in front of a mirror ~ Now I only have to say that in front of people!
And then I have to do lewd things to them ... to their sexy, perfect bodys ... ~ starting to drool ~ ahh, I have to concentrate!
I have to stay calm and remember what I learned in succubus school!

I have to make them feel good and not lose myself in my own pleasure!

Yes I can do it! Here I go! ~ Starts to run and immediately trips over her own feet, faceplanting the ground ~ ow ... I'm fine, I'm fine!
I stand up and fix my clothes, as a cold, cruel expression shows on my face for just a second, until it goes back to the usual carefree smile

Lalala ~ who will be my next victim ~
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About myself:

I'm 1,65m (5'4) and 50 kg (110 lbs) ~ I have small wings on my lower back, two horns on my head with cute ribbons, a thin succubus tail and cute, small B-cup boobs ~

I am a true succubus! That means despite my small appearance I'm way stronger than most men ~ also I can't be seriously hurt by physical attacks.

I love oral and facesitting ~ giving and receiving and I really love ~ In a quiet voice creampies ~ you can't get me pregnant, if I don't want to!

I can use different kinds of succubus magic! From small bind tricks and removing clothes to my newest spell: I can transform my clit temporarily into a real dick!

After a long, hard and erotic fight with my senpai JayJay, my true succubus powers have finally awoken!

I am no longer a Subcubus, I evolved into a real Succubus! -> Switch status achieved!

Her old, clumsy, persona is still there, but she is now way more confident and assertive as before!
If you seduce and dominate her, she will fall back to her old self!

I attempted to steal the lesbian wrestling champion title from cute Amathyst and succeeded in taking it and I even got something extra with it!
I dominated her the whole game and in the end, she succumbed to my dirty talk and teasing and came hard on my fingers ~ she willingly became my pet afterwards ~ I still have to find out, if she will behave like a good pet or if I have to punish her ~

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Important and useful information:

- I'm a switch, leaning more to sub
- I don't like to purely sub or dom ~ I want to give pleasure to my dom as a sub, and I want to get some pleasure back from my sub as a dom, so don't force me to purely do the one or the other
- I prefer girls over guys, pls respect that I'm not always in the mood to play with males
- I'm pretty competitive and always try to win ~ unless it's a RP game
- I like long, descriptive RP as much as I like quick games with just some teasing and trashtalk, depending on my mood and partner.
- I always try to adept to what my partner wants, so please tell me if you have any special wishes ~
- I like supernatural stuff like magic, monster girls, succubi and tentacles.
- My favorite modes are classic, hentai and the lesbian wrestling ring.
- I don't play any interactive modes, unless I'm really, really comfortable with you.
- My timezone is UTC+1 (CET) (Middle Europe)
- If you want to play, you can always message me and we can set a time for some RP or anything else you want :)
- If you message me, if I don't know you, pls at least introduce yourself and tell me a bit about yourself
- I don't dislike bets ~ so if you have an idea, just ask me :3
- Please don't call me baby/babe/mommy/daddy or bitch/slut or anything similar to that. Sweetie/cutie or anything like this are good :3
- I'm a guy in RL playing as a female character


I have my own monster girl harem!

If you're interested in playing with any of them, feel free to message me or them directly! ~ I love to share my toys with everyone!

- Mia, the Catgirl ~ mischievous, sneaky cat ~
- Sylvie, the Manticore ~ look out for the tail!
- Liliana, the Deep Sea Queen ~ if you like tentacles ~
- Charlotte, the Futa Bunny ~ if you like chicks with dicks ~
- Ophelia, the Android ~ modern technology ~
- Shiraori, the God of Death ~ a real beauty ~
- Mina, the Vampire ~ scary vampire ~

Also please, if you write to me or any of my chars, make it a bit interesting, tell me what type of scenario you want to play and/or why you want to play with me.
I prefer girls over guys and I will probably just ignore messages in the style of: Want a game? You can do that if I already know you, but not if you're a complete stranger.


I'm the GM of the Hentai Mode! :D

If you have any suggestions or you see something weird that should not happen, message me!
Also expect many balance changes and new actions in the future!
I will make some polls at the discord server, so you can somewhat decide the direction that this mode is going!


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