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Hey! I'm a man in my early thirties, tall, short brown hair and staying in pretty good shape. Looking for some good fun fights with banter, roleplay or just some simple chatting as we enjoy the game together. Open to play all modes and cool with adding some special rules or bets to keep the games interesting. I enjoy fighting for control or having it. Wouldn't consider myself a pure dom, mostly wearing the tag not to get matched with others and disappoint them.

I enjoy most ways of playing on here and consider myself pretty flexible. Anything from quick banter games, simple chatting to more detailed RP fights or something romantic.

My style varies a bit depending on how the game goes and which moves are presented but in a sexfight context I normally play to win and take control. I don't mind ending up on bottom for moments in the game or after a loss but will never break down mid game and just hand you the victory. I'm not that interested in breaking/humiliation/heavy pain, more of a pin and pleasure kind of fighter. A little spank never hurt anyone though? Mostly enjoying a more fun, teasing and playful enviroment over the ones with harsh namecalling and cursing like we hate eachother. Lets have some fun! :)

Generally a fan of some out of character chatting (irl) too if you're comfortable with it. JOI, talking kinks or about anything really.
Please be honest if you want to go this route though, if we want to pretend to be someone else I'd prefer us to stay in character instead ;)

Got a few lovense toys so feel free to ask if you'd like to connect, especially if you have some yourself!

DMs always open - come say hi ;)

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