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Roleplay and fighting to tie lil cuties.

Hi there sweetie~ I’m Lisa. I’m more of a sub than a dom so just keep that in mind and I love it when people use force.

After a humiliating, rigged game against Emily The Proud, I have become her little cock sucking whore. Like honestly I couldn't even touch her cum meter till turn 63 at that point she had me cum twice

Currently Nell’s Sex slave.

Oh Dakota, I tied her underneath my “work” desk and now she has to lick me whenever I please~ she’s a cute little ornament and I love to use her however I wish~

Ellika tied me in so many vulnerable positions~ now I’m her maid tied gagged and collared to a pole in her house waiting for her to use me however she or her guests want. It’s an understatement to say that she’s a master at bondage.

wc Is lesbian
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