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Bi / Switch

Winning Streak: -1

Welcome my friend. I am glad you found your way here to learn a little bit more about me. ~You can call me Twinkle, but I don't mind if you give me another name. I am here to have a little fun with others and enjoy the time we got.
Get in touch with me very gladly, but now first of all have fun reading.

Table of Content:
  1. Introduction
  2. Kinks and Limits
  3. BDSM Test
  4. Open Bets


I am here for a pretty long time, maybe a year or longer, and I really enjoyed my time and met some really cool people here. Sadly I lost way to many matches for being such a big talker and feisty compitive player. Try to challenge me, and maybe I win... I properly won't

If you really end up on top of me, so don't hesitate to mock and humiliate me... Thats how I like it. I will follow your commands and make sure you are feeling good and have the perfect time. But I help you a little... be a good dom otherwise I will try to end up on top of you and this little brat is going to be your little mistress.

If I end up on top instead, be ready to get a mean mistress. I like it to mock my little sluts and using them as I please. Sometimes I enjoy it to use their little holes to see them cumming even when they try to deny their anal orgasm. Such a sweet show! But I can be pretty kind as well. Its pretty common to see me like that if my little sluts behave well and I am in a good mood.


Kinks and Limits:


● Domination Play
● Humiliation & Degration
● Cumplay
● Roleplay
● Hypnosis
● Chasity


● Ageplay
● Blood/Gore/Pain
● Scat
● Watersports

BDSM Test:

98% Switch
97% Brat
93% Degradee
89% Submissive
83% Degrader
83% Slave
82% Experimentalist
81% Dominant
74% Brat tamer
74% Voyeur


Notable Partners:

So far non. Try me and be the first one.


Guardian of the Hill: First Title I have ever won. ~26. June 2022~


No open rules

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