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Looking for a competitive game ;)

Im a 27 y.o. sexfighter who really enjoys competitive matches, I love the idea of using pleasure to control or being controlled. I also like to bet (I may have some ideas) and trashtalks.
English is not my native language so forgive me in advance ;)

See you around if you can handle me ;)

Self description:
180cm, 84kg green eyes and brown hairs. I was an MMA fighter and a rugby player.

Frikka´s IRL - Initative rule: Since i have lost, i have to offer my opponents a game with irl content right at the beginning. My opponent can chose to participate, otherwise its just me edging 1d6 for every cum test. I can also refuse to offer this sort of game, but in that case i have to skip my first 2 rounds and undress as fast as possible. This rule is valid until i have done 5 irl games.

Discord: siul#8681

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