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I am a willing and respectful slave. Please use me as your toy! Drain me and have your fun...

New character, old player. I have been around since the early days of Eurofights and contributed many early Femdom mode actions.
Visit the JOI & CEI Library! Or find me on Milovana!

I am a switch that leans heavy toward sub and am a dutiful and worshipful slave for my Mistress. I love being tied up and used, made to cum over and over and over again until my Mistress has had her fun. I aim to be respectful and typically don't like to message doms or spam your inbox, so if you are reading this and see me in matchmaking, join me!

Feel free to also message me with JOI videos, webteases, or any instructions you would like me to follow and torment me with as I practice for my real life submission. I will dutifully complete complete these tasks like a good slave.

If you're a femdom or mistress and see me playing a public Femdom game with a bot, feel free to join the game in the chat and take a bit of control and engage in my squirm inducing torment! I also enjoy watching Femdom matches and participating on the sidelines if the mistress allows it and directs me.

When in a rare dominant mood, I expect my submissives to be good little cum dumpsters (as I would be in their shoes) and enjoy tying up and tormenting those who are at my whim. And any good toy of mine will be rewarded by cumming over and over until they can't hardly stand it anymore...

Kinks: Femdom and goddess worship; Bondage play and light BDSM; Cum eating and cum play; Voyerism; Multiple orgasms and cock milking; Light pain and humiliation; Biting; Light roleplay or pet play; Creampies
Limits: No anal; No real or lasting harm; No bathroom play; No toothpaste, icy hot, or similar alternate lubes; and I don't do IRL chastity

Jay-O.I. is proudly a Milovana slave for Goddess Lisa and has proven himself a good Cumslut and Bukkake Slave for her!

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public Public games
check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Pain, Humiliation, Bondage, Foot fetish, Threesome/Audience participation, Cum play, Tickling, Latex, Medical, Monsters
shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Fleshlight, Cockring, Rubber band, Shoelace, Crop, Paddle, Shackles, Collar, Leash


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Your messages together

Your subject is in store for a nipple tease while you take care of yourself. Nipple Tease You blindfold your pet while they edge for you twice. Blindfold & Edge You demand your sub lick and suck their fingers like a cock or clit. They should stroke with their spit dripping fingers after this. Suck on Fingers What a gracious goddess! In your benevolence, you allow your subject to demonstrate their devotion with 50 long, drawn-out strokes. 50 Worshipping Strokes You have your pet collar themselves in obedience. And good pets stay on all fours for three turns. Collar You offer your pet a boozy drink. After all, they'll be more subservient once they've drowned out their reservations. Be sure to enjoy a glass of something yourself. Take a Drink If you like it, then you should put a ring on it. What an excellent way to remind your slave who owns that cock! Put on a Cock Ring You bow to your goddess, completely prone on the floor. You will worship her and give in to her will completely. Bow to your Goddess Your direct your slave to lick and lap at their fleshlight, eating out that fake pussy as it if were your own. Eat Out Fleshlight You have your slave's cock vibed for 30 seconds, careful not to edge him. Vibe Cock You punish and tease your slave with a riding crop, smacking each nipple, the inside of each thigh, and each ass cheek 10 times...hard. You demand they count each one out loud. Riding Crop With their assistance, you frog tie your toy, binding their calves to their thighs. They should stay that way unless you instruct otherwise, have other bondage play, or untie them. Frog Tie You gag your pet with a pair of panties, a bra, or some socks...even better if they're used and worn. You ask for a quick edge in appreciation. Gagged with Underwear You demand your sub assume a self-facial position and push towards an edge. They are to cum on their own face! May your imagination run wild with how they should clean up their mess... Cum on your own face! You have your slave edge while they helplessly watch you fuck yourself with your favorite toy and writhe in pleasure. Watch and Edge You demand that your slave ties his ankles to a chair, blindfolds himself, and edges three times while he imagines your wet pussy. You demand that when he reaches each edge he is to say "My cock is yours to use, Mistress. May this worshipful edge please you." He can remove his blindfold when he completes his last edge, but you decide if he should stay tied up until you're feeling like letting him go...whenever that may be. Blindfold and Bound Edging You can't hold back any longer and accidentally go over the edge prematurely, making sure to ruin your orgasm... Your mistress is not at all pleased and looks very disappointed in you as she shouts "Lick up your fucking mess, you miserable excuse for a cumslut!" You obey and humbly await her punishment. Cum Prematurely Like a good little cumslut, you play with your collective mess, lapping away at a mixture of cum and precum the two of you have produced... eager for more! Cum Play He came so hard he's feeling delirious. But you're a relentless cumslut and just can't stop draining him over... and over... and over again, bathing in the glorious milk. Drained by a cum slut You demand your slave sheath their cock in a condom to smother it and contain their cum. They should enjoy stroking through the latex the rest of the tease. If you let them cum at some point, be sure they do so in the condom and then guzzle their fresh load! Put on a Condom His helpless cock can't handle it anymore and he cums helplessly for you. You have fun milking your bound slave. Cum and Milked while Bound You tie him to the bed and ride him like the fucktoy he is. Your pussy tightens as your ass bounces on his cock. You're sure to milk a good load of cum from this! Bind and Ride Him