Franny (Level 14) mail warning

Just do whatever you want with me^^

Bi / Sub

(Guy playing as a girl)



Well, i'm here for some time now and i'm open to talk or play.

I'm 22 and I'm Portuguese, so if my English is not perfect, I'm sorry.

If I'm here, don't be afraid to ask anything. I have a big kink for cum play, drool, small breasts and really bratty girls/boys.

If you do play your cards correctly, you can make me loose my focus and dominate me.

I'm open to all kinds of game-modes or any type of talking.

I hope this helps if you are interested in DMing me for a game.



After many times getting used and drained by Mistress Alisha, I finally got to a point that I just had to admit that I love Mistress' feet and body and I'm her foot slave and pet.

I suffered an humiliating defeat to a portuguese slut called Jess She made me cum twice almost effortlessly while I struggled to make her cum just once. As a punishment I now have to wear a pink collar that reads in gold letters "Jess's Portuguese Daddy".

I lost to Ellis feet so, from now on, I'm Ellis little pet, I love my mommy!!+

I played with my old friend She. She played so good with my cock as she always do. She defeated me three time, looks that I am her new puppy.

I was thoroughly humiliated by a complete subby slut. She was such a pathetic whore, but I was still not enough for her and I came prematurely in public. After being mocked by the people in chat for being a preemie loser I agreed to a best 2 of 3. She went easy on me for the second game and let me win, making me feel confident that I am not a complete loser two-pump chump, but in my overconfidence in my pathetic cock, she defeated me easily, placing me firmly at the bottom of the food chain. If such a subby slut can make me cum so quick how can I hope to please any woman? If a girl with any self respect gave me a chance I would only let her down by cumming before my underwear comes off! Maybe I need someone to tease me hard, and take control of my orgasm, since I obviously can’t be trusted with it. I need someone to edge me until my brain melts… and leave me needing more… but never getting that sweet release I don’t deserve. PLEASE DENY ME, I DO NOT DESERVE TO CUM BECAUSE I AM A PREEMIE LOSER!



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100% Switch
78% Rigger
76% Submissive
71% Dominant
68% Rope bunny
61% Vanilla
58% Exhibitionist
57% Brat tamer
51% Experimentalist
45% Brat

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