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Searching for a submissive willing to surrender control, DMs open if you think that's you...

Hétéro / Dominant(e)

Hi everyone. I'm a married Dom looking for a slutty submissive to become my plaything. I've got loads of kinks so won't list them here but open to some of the more weird, crazy or extreme stuff. We all have our thing so you'll get no judgement from me.

My biggest thing is control, I want you to hand it over to me willingly. Maybe it's control of the little things, maybe the big things, maybe everything. Let me control you in private, or in public. The depth of your submission this way is entirely up to you, but once you start I can assure you that you'll want to feel my presence in everything you do. I'll be inside your pretty little head, making it mine, invading your thoughts, all you'll think about is pleasing me. Eventually you'll become nothing more than my plaything, your entire individuality erased and replaced exactly as I want it.

So if the idea of ceding control to an experienced Dom in his 40s makes your stomach churn with excitement and your pussy tingle inside feel free to DM me, I check them regularly so will get back to you as soon as I can. I'll be kind and always have your best interests at heart... I promise... Maybe...

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