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I know what you are thinking. "How can this chubby man have such a hot cutie collared and on her knees?". Well, that is a pretty interesting story.

New place

I had to change living place and country (totally not because I tried to organize a harem in my basement). I moved in apartment and got hired by some pharmacy firm in office department. Not being a hard worker, I spend a good amount of time staring at sexy women in office attire... trying to get a glimpse of their panties when they bend down in tight office skirts... or undo a button on blouses in hot days, showing more of cleavage... (drools)... Uhm, I got off-topic. Beside the girl's sexy features, I spotted that most women in office having manager positions, those who aren't - use their charm and allure to manipulate men into doing work for them.

Look at me

So I was not an exception. There is a girl named Abby who marked me as her target. She is young and seems working not much longer than me in the firm, pretty young, a bit short with nice perky tits and round butt that looks big for her small frame. When she caught my eyes on her, she grinned and arrogantly declared that I made a weekly report for her. Which I obviously refused and she returned to her desk, pouting. Every time she caught me looking at the other girl, I swear I could notice her getting angry. She began dressing more provocatively and I couldn't not notice that. She was asking with a smirk "What are you looking at, perv?" or pretended like didn't see me staring when I started to admire her more than others. One evening when I stayed at work longer than usually, she stayed too and declare that would let me walk her home. It was an awkward silent walk. I had a feeling she wanted me to do something. To my surprise, I discovered that we are neighbors and she is practically sleep behind one wall from me. That night was calm and suddenly I heard faint moaning. I inspected where noise is coming from - strangely, it was from the painting on the wall. When I push it aside I saw a hole in the wall and looking through that hole I saw minx from work masturbating...


While waiting for my inspiration to continue, tell me what you see on this image

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