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The proud and haughty goddess of sex Aphrodite has descended down onto Erofights. Bored from claiming any man or woman she wants to play with, she has come here to see the best the best sexual talent that mortals have to offer. Can you resist her hypnotic gaze, her captivating tits, and her pussy that leaks divine sexual power? If not, you will end up as just another one of the goddess' toys. Of course the goddess will accept wagers as well, anything to spice up the dull game of turning mortals into puddy in her hand. Not a fan of "Hey" or "Want to battle?" messages, I like a little more substance for our first contact. Be as aggressive or assertive as you want (in RP of course, don't demand a match or be a dick.), I certainly will be ;).

Ben Bravo completely dominated me, making me cum twice without me being able to get him off once. I was arrogant and overconfident, and he knew that from the beginning. He fucked my ass until I squirted all over the floor and he ruined my second orgasm, leaving me to quiver in the mess I made. He is the most skilled fighter I have faced so far. Even after my defeat he dominated me into submission until he forced me to give him a spot on my wall

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