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Not in to long RP games. I like a quick game with dirty tolk. some bets?

Hello. English is not my native language, so I apologize for possible mistakes and some misunderstandings. I am a Russian man 34 years old. I'm new here. So far, I'm only trying the classic mode.

I'm ready for some bets. I can be soft domy if I win, or obedient saby if I lose.

My normal game mode: I jerk off my cock while playing. And I get the edge every time you apply the cum test against me. (at your request, I can hold the edge for a certain time). If you win, then you decide my fate (orgasm, ruined or denial). But I'm ready for your suggestions.

Miss Ariana completely subdued me by ruthlessly fucking my dick and holding my throat. now i'm her slave for pleasure

After losing to Gina, my dick became too weak to blowjob, I have to cum every time I get blowjob cum test for 5 games 5/5

Miss Blue, beat me badly in 2 games in a row. She studied all my weaknesses and used them against me, first ruin my orgasm, and then giving me a chance to recoup completely broke me and turned my balls and dick into her property for 24 hours. 24 hours of blue balls for Miss Blue (Done)

After being defeated by Maria in denial until March 1

I was defeated and submitted by Alice Now I am her personal cute doggy on a leash

Since 2 people are too much for me to handle, for 5 games i have to roll every time i involved in a threesome/group action! 5/5

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