Content Creator for Lesbian Wrestling Ring(LWR) and official GM/announcer of the Lesbian Wrestling League (LWL). Please feel free to DM me for questions about the game mode ❤.

Mockly tone "Hello there~!"

I'm Alya , a 26 years old italo-arabic girl. It doesn't take me much to open up to others, especially with funny and kind people. Bi, mostly lesbian, open minded, I try not to discourage anything, I'll just let you know if I don't like something.
Avid with my RP, I add actions during the game and I don't care about winning or losing as long as we're both having a good time.
I can RP in Italian and English. Feel free to message me but don't be too persistent please.

-Turn on : Fighting for dominance , desire and passion to dominate and please your partner, a good rough and hard fuck.
-Turn off : Fully sub/dom people, no consensual stuffs , hard-pain and illegal stuffs in general (drugs , alchool , blood , kidnapping, violent rape)
-Things i am okay with, but i try to avoid: Bondage, Hard BDSM, pet play, bath play.

Anna (GgGirl) is one of my best friend i have on this site. She is one of the greatest person i know online and she helped me in a lot of ways , making me , even if slightly , a better person.
Sasha Introduced me to a bigger world here on EF , helping me out of my shy-shell and also giving me some of the greatest RP games i ever had. She is my lovely Rival , and my only goal on the site is to surpass her (We are 7-1 in her favour). I'm her "Habibti" and when she whispered those words for the first time in my ear , she conquered my heart in an instant. She is My Goddess, my Ištar.
Freya is a little lovely girl that just couldn't resist collaring me after defeating me in our first match. I am her cute little slut and i can't get enough of her. She is also my beautiful wife and i love her. She is one of the funniest person i know here on EF.
Scarlet. Oh Scarlet. Say that i love her is an understatement. She has been only lovely towards me , the shoulder always here to support me and say good things when i could hear only bad ones in my head. Even if we didn't play a lot of games here on EF (dam you time zone!) i enjoy every single moment i spent with her. My dear Scarly 💕
Bradley is my sweet partner in crime. He is one of the best RPer i've ever met. He helped me gain more trust in my sexuallity and RP and played with me for more then a month! He is also funny af!

I think i never actually played with Lucifer here on EF , but just you know , he is one, if not the only man , i trust into giving me a dom session...BECAUSE HE IS SO FREAKING GOOD! Not only as a sexual dom , but also as a person. Also, he is a good sub for sweet ladies.

Carmilla gave me RP matches i only dreamed about and satisfied all my kinks in one night. She is also my rival , but don't tell her that i can beat her ass any time i want. 😉🤭
Every game i do with Seductress is memorable. I love her RP and her , she is a sweet person and i'm lucky to have the possibility to play with her.

My Bun Bun is one of the most precious and lovely girl i encountered on this server. She is my sweet personal slut and don't you dare lay hands on her! Unless she wants to have fun , in that case you can 🤭. Even if she can take care of herself very well (She is a tough bitch! 😎), I love to take care of her myself , as she is my beloved slave. I love her so much!

Juri conquered my heart , body and soul in our first game together and first game on EF for her , were we traded blows , passion and love , until she did end up on top, making me the luckiest loser around.

Alex is one of the cutest little subby girl i ever encountered and i adore her very much. It brings me joy to please her by being a dominant sex-wrestler/mistress for her.

My EF Showcase (Where i put my current status with people, all my bets done in the game or things like that)

My short poem/story for Anna(GgGirl) after afternoons of passion:
Lately my afternoons have been spent alone, with no company at home for several hours, trying to help me with EF or the Internet in general for some fun. It is here that I realized, as some had also pointed out to me, that my "flame" had gone out. Always looking for attention but never completely satisfied. Stress? Obsession? Nervousness? No. I just lacked the thrill ... the joy of a real fight, where winning or losing had consequences and rewards, even if minimal.
I thank all the Gods for Anna.
Not only did she awaken my waning passion for the game, but she pleased me in ways I no longer thought possible on EF. For the first time in a long, long time, I was driven by a very strong desire to please someone and conquer them, rather than being conquered and pleased.
After a few equal fights, I made up my mind to dominate Anna with my whole being. I did to her what I always wanted to receive, making her mine with sheer willpower and pedantic attitude, repeatedly humiliating her and even ging her the first loss on her main profile.
After giving her the third defeat in a row, forcing her to countless edges and hearing her scream "I'm broken" made me an immensely happy woman, and she became my lovely pet.
Having her all mine to love, cuddle, dominate, please, kiss makes me satisfied, but never as much as having her at my feet to entertain me like the little slave she is. My personal fuckdoll, a toy that I can torture and use however I want.
Having discovered this side of me, so dominant, so strong, it scares me, but it also makes me extremely proud of myself at the same time, and I owe everything to Anna for that.

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