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i love getting teased edged and being not in control... roleplaying in the chat while the game is going turns me on even more


Every time I see a girl in something tight and shiny(leather leggings) my mind drifts to a dirty fantasy often having my hard dick her ass in those pants edging. I bet some women catch me staring for moment as I try to snap out of it but honestly that feels just better.

I made a deal with myself that on first date after covid girl shows up in leather leggings I will tell her about my kinks and go to bathroom and put a loop around my dick with the end outside of my pants or attached to my tie... so that if she keeps pulling on it it will tighten and not allow me to get soft in public. She will probably run away and tell all her friends... lets hope one of them is kinky.

My fantasy perfect weekend starts in bar or plain playing truth or dare with hot girl that would get us riks being caught and revealing each other kinks then turing that full night of edging and eating her out being tied down for most of the Saturday eating her out and edging myself to her instruction. On Sunday having my dick in slave filled with numbing cream that she rides again and again till she calls on her friends to film a video which I would not have luxury to have posted online, so that they could later use my services.

My go to roleplays:

if you caught your boss or bf's brother jerking off to your insta.. would try an interrupt him pretending you did no notice? sneak up and grab it? make a little film of it that I would not want to have shown?

New drug
I signed up to test a drug for money and it just happens to be against premature ejaculation. I don't have that problem since the dosage is unclear I will have to be continuously stimulated till... or if the effects were off.

Cult or Treatment?
I know I have a problem I masturbate too much. I commit myself to convent who has reputation of dealing with that sin. I hop the nuns will help me...

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He can hold an edge, but can he hold his breath? Your loyal pet should perform his next three tasks while holding his breath. That won't take too long, will it? Hold breath for 3 turns