Yumeko (Level 2) block star_border mail warning

Prepare to be dommed by Lady Luck.
Don't worry though, I will be the dealer.

Wanna play with me?
—–·♥·–— What I play —–·♥·–—
I will only enter matchmaking for JOI modes, in which I will be the dom. As I said, I'll join MM and probably won't join someone in MM, to make sure they have read my profile.
During the game, I will use alot of dice rolls and card draws to decide what you'll get. I'll decide the different outcomes, based on how well you behaved.
Of course, I'll adapt to your kinks and limits. See, I'm not that cruel, am I?

—–·♣·–— My kinks —–·♣·–—
As I'm the one giving the instructions, I'll adapt to you first. I still have preferred kinks though.
I really enjoy female domination (didn't expect that didja?), edging, humiliation (mainly name calling, but I don't mind crossdressing) and repetitive light pain (for some people this is equivalent to hard pain though, ask me if you're unsure!)
I'm not into chastity so unless it's clearly written on your profile, I won't include it naturally.
Will probably not do anal (not what I enjoy the most but we can try).
Will most definitely not do bathroom play.

—–·♠·–— The pet rule —–·♠·–—
You should understand this one if you've watched the anime ;)
As you've probably understood, I enjoy gambling.
If we're playing a public game and you feel brave enough, we can have a special bet.
The bet is simple: name a card. If I draw it, you win.
If you win, I'll finish the game however you want, and will do whatever you want me to do in one other game. "Whatever" overrides anything my profile says, including "What I play", but not "My kinks". I'll be your ミケ (Kitty). I'll also write your name on my profile.
However, if you lose, you will be punished. The punishment can be edging, ruining, pain, a looong period of denial/chastity or other stuff depending on... My mood. You'll also have to put my name on your profile and the punishment if you have a section for it.

—–·♦·–— Lost bets & additional information —–·♦·–—
You can call me Yumeko or Yume, I don't mind.
If I don't answer your DM, don't keep on sending DMs. I've most likely seen it.

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