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Please let me ruin all my orgasms

As it is a kink for many Mistresses out there, I first want to mention:
I am not a Sissy! And i am not into Anal! (if i were realy disobediant i might will do some as a punishment if its the whish of my Mistress)
If feminisation and Anal are your major Kinks please dont choose me as your slave.

My main fantasy is to become the drip-slave of a Mistress. I want to ruin all my orgasms (for weeks or maybe even months) for her.
I "enjoy" being ruined once a week (not into long time denial) as much as having to ruin several times a day.
A special treat for me are draining sessions where I have to ruin many orgasms in a row till i only have painfull dry orgasms (personal record till now are 11 ruined orgasms within 2 hours)

A little bit of pain is always ok for me, but at some days i can be a little painslut as well (espacialy Ballbusting and nipple/clamp play)

Something that i am curious about lateley is sounding, but i am not very experienced with it.

I am always open to explore new kinks

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