dripslave (Level 4) mail warning

Hello and welcome to my profile.

Sorry I am not very good at profile writing and english isnt my first language.

As a dripslave I sacrifice all my orgasms. They belong to my mistress and shall either be denied or ruined.

About my Kinks

Edging, Orgasm Control, nipple/clamp play, ballbusting, Sounding, Draining (having multiple ruined orgasms within a session, actual record: 11)

Humiliation/SPH, CBT and hard Pain (nothing that could cause lasting damage), cum eating, Anal (only a bit and only as punishment)

Feminisation, Sissyfication, Anal, bathroom play, bondage( I like it when its done lRL by a misstres but I dont like selfbondage)
Public IRL Tasks, Sending Pictures

I am open to try new things

When I play a set with a new misstres I prefere to stay in private mode, when we have played before and we both liked it, just ask me and we can set the game to public.

My biggest fantasy
My Misstres binds me to a chair and smiles at me and Says "today you get drained like never before"
She feeds me some blue pills to keep me hard and starts teasing me, edges me for hours.
Then she starts forcing me to (ruin) one orgasm after the next and keeps going till the orgasms are dry and painfull and i cant stand them anymore.
She smiles at me gives me a Kiss and carress my head and my poor empty balls.
Whith an evil smile she forces a gag into my mouth and telling me we are not done yet ...
She again starts to force me to orgasm again and again till i pass out from the pain and the overstimulation.

Unfortunately I mostly have only time to play during the weekend, but i would love it to receive PM´s with tasks to fullfill during the week.

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