fango (Level 5) mail warning

RP, and Short game wiht bets

Hi, I'm "fango" which is mud in Spanish, I'm 40 years old, with a dominant partner, she doesn't like these online games, I like meeting people to talk and this seems like fun.
I am looking for a fight to be humiliated, micropenis, cuckold and caged, I like chastity games and I would like to make bets.
Hablo español mi ingles da pena

I have to follow the following rules:

Orders: you can try to make it do what you want, it is easy for you to do it, although sometimes I like to be rebellious

== Results from ==
100% Rope bunny
100% Degradee
96% Submissive
94% Experimentalist
91% Pet
88% Exhibitionist
83% Slave
77% Voyeur
69% Brat
67% Masochist
62% Primal (Prey)
54% Non-monogamist
54% Switch
31% Vanilla
0% Ageplayer
0% Boy/Girl


Cassandra wins

I started a chance meeting with Cassandra, a rookie who seemed quite confident,
Thinking she was a rookie we bet on chastity, necklace and adoration.
at first we had a nice game but when we compare our cocks
mine was a tiny and insignificant 12cm in front of his big 25 thick and wicked drill
Then I fell hypnotized and started to beat me up, I tried to go back but it was useless
she made me come like never before, thinking about all the bets and what awaited me,
He took me to a room where all of her transsexual friends put a small chastity device on me
They put a fox collar on me, and they began to sodomize me one by one,

Cassandra: We'll take turns making sure you can make a hole with your butt.

Cassandra: there is no escape possible, I will make sure we hold you with ropes

Cassandra: you will be the perfect bukkake princess we were looking for

Cassandra: I wonder who is the biggest whore between you and your wife.

Cassandra: for sure you are going to suck and get fucked more in this time with me and the girls than she of hers during all her academic years

Cassandra: you have to use it until you win 3 rounds in a row


I thought it was an easy shot and I started playing as a rookie, I got too excited and spilled twice before the end of the game, now I must give him pleasure until he asks me or I finish with my energy

Beaten by Ropes&Cuddles square&fair.

He beat me in a sexually close combat, discovered my weakness for feet and humiliation, I drain myself and now I am his foot slave

An RP type encounter with Mia, we quickly agreed to be her slave and she made me give her pleasure and receive only for my butt, she invited her alpha and we enjoyed the three of them, first I made her come, the pleasure of a mistress comes first and then He made me come twice to score a point and make me drink my own cum

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