Rorschach (Level 12) mail warning

Don't Panic! Looking for someone to ruin my orgasm

No one is reading this anyway :D

Here are some info about myself:

For games:
Love playing with hypno/bondage rules! Well, I m kind of a gambler so dice and wagers are always welcome! Not super good at RPing yet.. yet! So, more then happy to try it!

Me as a sub:
I love the thrill of not knowing the faith of my orgasm. Trying to fing out why a ruined orgasm turns me on so much even so it feels so disapointing... I can handle some pain but I am not a big fan. My big turn offs are eating cum or anything else coming out of my body. Also I wont send pics.

Me as a Dom:
I love to make you squirm and beg for that sweet releave. Really enjoy useing the coin or the cards to help me decide... Kind of a gambler. Always on the mission to make my sub a mess... and that my sub makes a mess. Trying to fing out why a ruined orgasm turns me on so mutch...

Saw so many people do that... so here we go:
== Results from ==
84% Switch
77% Submissive
63% Dominant
63% Vanilla
59% Rigger
51% Voyeur
51% Rope bunny
51% Brat tamer
44% Brat
Also the cake is a lie!


Diary of my journey:

On January 30th:
It was a grey rainy Saturday late at night. I meet Faith! She wresteled me down with so much grace I didnt know what was happening. All the shenanigans I tried just left her laughing... Truely she knows what she is doing!
With an enlighted mouth she made me cum! Dodging my attempts to cum like she is Lady Luck herself!
And let me tell you, she is brave as she even bet with the audience on her win.
With the promis of a sacred dm from her I tried to fight back... worthless.
Her Hands so skillfull, so warm, so soft... so irresistible!
I never stood a chance!
Faith is truly blessed by the holy Dice in the Sky!
A fearsome Warrior! A Star in the Ring!
May they always watch over her!
...till one day I will get my revange!!!

I found an abandoned Tower... It looks like it once was the home of a wizard... So many books, most of them I cant read... Yet!

On my search for power I tried to summon the not so migthy Balteal. I regreted my tries the moment I noticed I accidently summond Lust, of the seven Deadlysins.
Nothing could have prepared me for this unbeleavebel power. In no time she had me brought under her spell! What happend next I cant fully recall since my mind was clouded from arausel. There is the faint memory of being turned into a woman and back... Shortly after my body exploded in pleasure but with no way to realease it.
But somehow, with what only can be descriped as dump Luck, a blessing from the Holy Dice in the Sky, I managed to make her cum. Giving me back some will and some power... The surprising end was, I managed to sealed myself a succubus... No not a succubus... The Lust of the seven deadly sins.... My dice what have I done?
At least for now I should be safe... Time for some more research on this topic.

Finaly a breakthrough! I found a way to bind the spell the Succubus was using against me into a collar! This and the mechanics behind the magic succubus use to harvest the sexual energy from their prey will be a source of unlimited power!

Today there was another sign from the Holy Dice in the Sky. Will deep in my studies there was a bright flare illuminating the night sky. I went out to see what caused this unique event. As I reached, what has to be desript as a impact crater, there was a a small woman laying. In the the light of this weird firy sky I could see and feel she had to be an angel! Perfect to test my newly optained knowledge and haverst even more magical energy for me! She calles herself Angel Maddie. Oh I harvest so much raw energy from her! Giving me the power to give her back her angelic form... Hope that was not a mistake...

I made it! I was the guardien of the hill!
Defence #1 against Ariana!
Defence #2 agaisnt Lolli! (She was already "weakend" from the tournament and stumbled over her subby side)
Defence #3 against Mariya! (She knows orgasms are better then titles)
Lost the title because of 48h without a challenger..

Mistress Alisa,melted my mind and made me hers by collaring me. Since then I am lucky that she takes care of me. I am so pleased, that she gives me the opertunity to show her how gratefull I am by tributing her.

She started of by showing how good she actually is in teasing me. Leaving my Orgasm to the faith of a dice... Denial sucks! (Thank you RNGesus)

  1. For the first tribute she rode me to the edge and back for quite a while. Leaving my cock twitching helplessly in the air squirting my seed all over the place (Thank you, Mistress Alisa)
  2. For the second tribute she made me edge to here over and over before I was allowed to cum... sadly it was a ruined orgasm... and my boxers were still on, I should know better then letting the dice decide my faith... (Thank you RNGesus)
  3. For the third tribute she teased me in puplic before using my tounge in a more private place. Edging me till my mind got numb. Winning a bet over Maddie, who was betting on my downfall. I got a full release and made a nice big mess for my Mistress. Thank you Mistress Alisa!
  4. The 4th tribute was a unsatisfying one. After arriving at the parking area of the beach, my Mistress Alisa made me edge often... while showing my porn clips on her phone! I was so eager to cum for her! But even so luck was on my side and I won the coin toss that alowed me to cum... my Mistress had something else in mind. So she threw the coin again, to find out how I have to ruin my orgasm. Abonden it in time and let the cum dribble out feeling nothing. Or stroking to far squirting every where with a unsatisfying orgasm? Oh it was unsatisfaying! Still, thank you Mistress Alisa!
  5. Lets just keep that one short... involved a lot of edging... bad luck and another unsatisfying orgasm...
  6. Mistress Alisa made me watch her getting fucked while I was only allowed to edge! At least I got a full orgasm even if I lost he coin toss... Thank you, Mistress Alisa
  7. Once again it was time to tribute my Mistress Alisa. She edged me over and over again... till I was begging her to stop. She let the dice decide on how I can come.... And the dice decided to not cum... for the next five days... Thank you, Mistress Alisa! (till 08.29.21, 333 edges before getting that orgasm)

Still wearing the collar she gave me! To show how much fun I had following her guidance!

Trying myself in Tease & Denial again. Alisa was kind enough of taking care of that. She gave me some rules to follow
1) You will have one public edging session everyday while watching/listening to porn that u either look up yourself or the public suggest
2) You will wear the cage if u go out for short periods, or during other games while u are teased and u must tell them
3) You need permission everytime you want to touch your cock sexually, u can ask me or toss a coin (1 every 10min) Heads=no touching, Tails= fun time.

well lets see how that goes...
Day 1: Already horny... thanks to Frikkas edging game I accumulated 30 edges
Day 2: Really wanted to touch. Tried my luck with the coins. Lossed 4 in a row before I could touch. in the time I had I only could stroke for 20 min. Still edged 17 times (47 total)
Day 3: Alisa teased me good... I lost count of edges... but won the match (not that hard) and now have a day without rules (besides no cumming)
Day 4: Bad... Really bad... so much edging... so horny.
Day 5: this stupid coin is a bane and savour to my leaking cock atm. I shouldnt touch but I want to!
Day 6: Alisa teased me well and I edged a lot again.. oozing precum for her. Still won the game against her and my release! In 3 days.

I started the beting game...

... and lost to Christina, James' Top Bimbo. I fell under the hypnotic spell of her sweet pussy. Now everytime I taste a pussy again. That spell catches up to me and drive me in a hypnotic spell (Hypno rules apply. 5/5 wins)

DonĀ“t Panic,



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