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Looking for Roleplay in Hentai. With some HOT rp at the end.

Lesbienne / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Alt of Natasha

Imagined futa...29 years old 5.11(180.34 centimeters)toned...not too muscular, swimmers physique, 130lbs (58,967kg). Long blue hair to my lower back. Nice kissable lips. Blue/grey eyes...they do change a little with my mood. Long legs. 36DD looking like implants, impossibly round, firm and high, areola pretty small, nipples dark pink and get pretty long and hard. I think my ass is nice and toned, round and firm. Pussy is small and tight and pink, almost just a slit, little labia and a little clit that sticks out...not too small or too big. No body hair under neck. Tanned. Tribal tattoo on lower back and a tigress climbing down the left side of my back and curving around my shoulder blade. 13inch long and 7.2inch girth when erect, circumcised and very veined, looking angry as it flex and throb. (Know it ridiculous but that why it futa and imagined)

Vampire :
Also Natasha and all my characters have been turned to vampires in hentai mode and get some actions for that. (Got the vampire action pack). I have decided that I am going to play Alana like vampires from underworld(the movie), especially Selene after drinking the father of vampires and werewolves blood. Going to look like she does in description and wear the same outfits and for the most part you wouldn't know she is a vampire unless she showed her fangs or her eyes turned to very bright blue, garlic isn't a weakness, actually likes it sometimes...might get offensive if excessive because of the heightened smell, Cross....mmm might actually make a sexy choker, holly water will just get her wet....she might even like that. Can recover from most wounds especially when drinking blood and can walk in sunlight. For the most part I am just going to play Alana as I have been but if the audience really wants to see vampire Alana I might play it a bit and if the person I am matching with wants it. Now in hentai it is now going to be vampire because of the moves but in all matches I will play it like the lights are UV lights, making me weaker so that it is a normal match and not super strength or speed. In the modes other than hentai if the opponent is into then I will include biting and drinking blood in the role play, even with the weakened state. The bite I will play as pain as it pierces the skin but then turns to incredible erotic ecstasy. If opponent wants to play a role with not weakened state we can discuss it and work out the details.
From Black Blood Brothers (Pretty cute vampire anime)

Another pics of Alana : Alana


(Don't own any of the pics. They are by a person going by smz-69 and 3D model called lexi. Like how she looks and modelled Alana after her)

Supergirl : Last night she awoke in a strange place, beautiful but terrifying and full of creatures of nightmare. No idea how she had gotten there she crept through dark hallways looking for answers, boy did she find one ! Me (Alana) I am the beautiful mistress of this realm with powers of blood and lust, I had drawn Supergirl to me to claim her power which she of course did not want to give willingly and a frantic hentai battle began. The battle lasted 8 hours as we went back and forth, until we were both 2 orgasms down and exhausted by the battle. She made a last ditch effort, throwing all her strength into a huge titjob to try and milk my mighty cock that had already dominated her pussy, I didn’t even flinch, simply summoning my vampire strength and threw her back, climbing between my her legs, my skillful tongue went to work, whilst she resisted the first attempt, the second broke her and she surrendered her orgasm to my mouth just as my fangs sank into her, draining her from her most erotic area of some of her power before returning her defeated to her own world.

Liv : After one win and one loss against Liv, she won the tie breaker. Having won the trilogy, she got to use Alana however she pleased. After the match Liv milked Alana's cock over and over again, leaving Alana's cock red and swollen, almost breaking Alana's poor girlcock. Liv finished Alana's punishment by creampieing her pussy and leaving her used and abused.

Amy : was a quick fun match, she made Alana cum and then Alana made her cum between her ass cheeks, cumming over Alana's ass but then she summoned tentacles and although Alana wasn't near cumming the tentacles was too much and forced her to cum and lose the fight.

Emily : A very quick match with just action clicking and she won

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