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============= Basics/Fights =============

Switch leaning submissive guy that enjoys a good power struggle. Up for most things on here: shorter trash talk matches to pass the time, more detailed RP matches/sessions to get the creative juices (among others 😉) flowing, being at your mercy in a femdom/interactive session (possibly willing to provide proof on tasks depending on how comfy I feel with you if you'd like)- I enjoy it all in different ways so always feel free to message me if you're looking for something specific.

I tend to be a bit wordy/descriptive in RP so if you want to do some level of RP, feel free to tell me if I get a bit too rambly and you want me to pick up the pace a little.

I am naturally a bit "bratty" if that's what you want to call it so I never just roll over in these matches and I tend to have a bit of a natural tendency to want to push back/test the limits when I'm in the sub role 😜. I can keep it in check though if this is an issue for you so please let me know if that's an issue for you and I'll try to keep myself on my best behavior for a bit.

Speaking of that brattiness, if you want me to dom a bit, I generally need some brattiness/push back to get into that headspace. If you're looking for a cruel dom to behave for it's just not something I can pull off right now. If you want to be a brat/tease though, you can find my more dominant side.

============ Kinks/Interactive stuff ===========

Kink wise, I love most of the typical bdsm + femdom things: bondage (for either of us), gags, some light pain, etc. I also really enjoy anything to do with teasing/edging, orgasm control, overstim, etc. There's just something about a person giving that control to another (whether willingly or through a little bondage) that is just amazingly hot and being on either end of it is a blast.

Generally my main limits are bathroom stuff, blood, and permanent marks but I'm also still exploring/learning so I'll update this if I come across other things. I filled this out quick so it's probably not perfect but here's a more detailed kink list if that's what you're looking for:


If you're looking to get a bit more interactive, the toys listed from the game should be accurate but this will be a bit more specific:
- I have several Lovense toys that can be controlled directly in game or through a link if you'd prefer some finer control including: Domi 2 (wand vibe), Edge 2 (prostate massager), Hush (plug), and Diamo (cock ring)
- Bondage wise: I've got some soft cuffs for both ankle and wrist bondage as well as a ball gag, a blindfold, and a chastity cage
- Etc: I've also got a suction cup dildo, battery powered wand vibe, a starter set of silicone butt plugs, and a small stash of female clothes available for some forced fem/sissification play

Thanks for taking the time to skim/read any of this and hope to have some fun with some of you soon!

RP Stuff:
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