Lady Lucinda (Level 7) mail warning

Looking for someone into chastity and not feminization.

Won't answer/play with empty profiles.

I am a Switch (mostly Dom, very rarely Sub). I like seeing weak men beg for an orgasm knowing well that they might not cum at all. Also open to playing with women.
I expect respect from my partner and in turn, I'll show you the same. If you don't show it I'll quit any game instantly.
If you think you got what it takes my DMs are always open.

I prefer to build RPs around the prompts given by the game. I am usually up for a game if you have a profile I enjoy. Have recently been trying out more game that follow the JOI stile a bit more.
If you are looking for a very competitive game I am sadly not the person you are looking for. Sure, I can be competitive but I enjoy playing with special rules such as bondage and hypno dice rules or strengths and weaknesses of characters. Some examples of those mentioned strengths and weaknesses are:
Premature Ejaculator: The first time every game you get the chance to cum you have to cum (making the second orgasm that much more important).
Leg Lock: Whenever someone goes for the other person's genitals you have to roll a D6 if you roll 3 or 4 your opponent gets to decide your action if you roll a 5 or 6 you have to reroll then skip your turn.
Multiple Orgasms: If you force a cum test right after an orgasm I have to orgasm again (insuring your victory, or vice versa mine).
There are plenty more I can think of. These are just some ideas.

If you think you have an interesting RP scenario for me feel free to slide it into my DMs.

Always up for bets/wagers.

Personal pleasure toy of Dome.

== Results from ==
99% Sadist
98% Owner
96% Dominant
95% Degradee
95% Daddy/Mommy
90% Master/Mistress
59% Brat tamer
57% Submissive
47% Switch
43% Slave

I will start a little log here. Be a good boy/girl, provide me with a good time and I will add you to the list of my good toys (Started on the 14th of April):

Plaything was a good toy and provided me with a fun time. So I decided to take charge of his pathetic cock.
Brainless Piss Pig decided that she wants to be locked up for me and edge analy on a daily basis. Let's see where I can take her.

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