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Heyyo, your roleplay loving cutie! ✨ well.. I guess I'm just real bad at making a choice in life, eh? non-binary bi switch ah well, all the better to have fun~

I want to make sure you're enjoying yourself with me. Now, whether that'll end in me lovingly teasing you, our eyes locked as I control your pleasure, or me on my knees, reduced to a useless submissive mess, overwhelmed in adoration, begging you ever so desperately for release .. well we'll just have to play to find out darling.

It depends strongly on the person I'm playing with and the mood I'm in, so I can't grantee it'll be perfectly accurate, but hopefully this list gives a pretty good idea of what I'm into! To be honest, I'm into a good amount of kinky stuff, especially as a sub, and by default in a match, I'll probably veer towards being teasing and loving - not that that means I'll shy away from everything rough, a fight for dominance is always extremely hot~
In generally I can go into a match with a switch-y mindset, see who ends up on top~ though I do lean a little more submissive, especially if you know which buttons to push ♥

I'll play whichever mode works the best for our scene, though I'd say I for sure favour classic or wrestling. I don't have much experience with bets, I've shied away since I don't really care about the competition in favour of rp, but if you propose something that interests me, I'm definitely open, I'm slowly exploring my more competitive side. (and hey, I'm probably not that good at the game if you're trying to take advantage of that hehe)

I'll play with people of any gender who's profile and messages excite me, though I will say other queer people do vibe with me a little better. But hey, no matter who, don't hesitate to message!

I'll mostly play with the trans option on, thoug- yeah nahh I''ve got a dick, I'm trans lol

Lojack, from mewling sub to loving dom, there's no one quite like her as a cute caring partner
Lady Catria introduced me to the wonderful world of rp, and I've been her pet ever since, wearing her beautiful collar
Gaige is my enby in crime 💛🤍💜🖤 they're just amazing and loving (best snugglesluts hehe)
Lily is the sweetest dom, with each message I think I somehow manage to fall more into her loving control

I know the game doesn't explicitly support people outside the gender binary, happy to explain a little ♥

Full image of my profile pic, just cause, well, it's really hot

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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Nipple clamps, Rubber band, Shoelace, Paddle


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