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Hetero / Switch

I love to rp, and am very up for a nice long game if you're into that sort of thing - equally, if you would prefer to have a quick match im completely down for that too. Just let me know and we can have a good time together :)

I lean to sub, but recently have been enjoying domming in interactive. I prefer soft domming, no matter which side I am. Please talk to me at the beginning of the game so we can chat about our likes/dislikes and how we want to play out the scene.
Up for most stuff, big fan of bondage and edging, don't like really hardcore CBT/pain.
Like sharing pictures (no face), particularly when playing with bondage.
Am normally happy to play a public game, but please ask first.
Kink list: https://i.imgur.com/KXXQuXY.png

wc Is hetero
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