Nanako (Level 4) mail warning

currently looking for some practice with competitive rp games

Hello all you lovely people lets have some fun together~!

After two months of playing I finally decided to adjust my presentation a little so that you have a clearer and more precise idea about me and what my kinks are! Yaaaaay!!! <3

I start by saying that Nanako is my nickname but not my real name but I like to be called that way :) I'm Sara a 21 yo university student and I stand at like 1,65m and weigh maybe like 54 / 55kg.
I love to fight in general I have practiced kickboxing for a few years but since I can't fight anymore I like to relive those sensations through roleplay, I like the competition and the emotions you feel during the fight are unique and amazing! The thing I love most of all is the feeling I feel with my partner and the desire to put it knocked out showing who is the strongest~!
I also don't mind erotic fight in fact i signed up to the site mainly for this, adding some sex in the fight has always been a perversion of mine which unfortunately I have not been able to satisfy until now but someday I'll find the right guy for it! :)
I hope to be able to play with all of you having fun and killing some time together but I am currently playing mainly RP games as I would like to practice and become better at the descriptions for make the experience more enjoyable for both of us

Anyway I hope to spend a great time with you which after all is the only thing that really matters and which also helps me to distract myself a little with the study and the hard university life ^^

IMPORTANT: you must know that English is not my first language and I am doing everything possible to learn it well so do not bother me if during our game I make grammatical errors or anything like that and most importantly do not insult me, I am a little touchy and I can not stand when you offend me about this.
(I wanted to avoid writing it but apparently I can't ignore it so be sure reading this before asking a game with me please)

Here are the results of my two tests:

  1. Kinklist

  2. == Results from ==
    _88% Voyeur
    _87% Vanilla
    _83% Submissive
    _79% Brat
    _71% Experimentalist
    _70% Switch
    _63% Rigger
    _57% Sadist
    _56% Dominant
    _54% Degrader
    _49% Degradee
    _49% Primal (Hunter)
    _48% Rope bunny
    _48% Master/Mistress
    _45% Primal (Prey)
    _40% Exhibitionist
    _40% Brat tamer
    _35% Owner
    _29% Masochist
    _24% Non-monogamist
    _9% Slave
    _6% Daddy/Mommy
    _3% Pet
    _0% Boy/Girl
    _0% Ageplayer

my dms are always open so feel free to message me and I'll respond when I can

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