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Subby, looking for fun session

Hétéro / Soumis(e)

Riley the Queen of roses 🌹🌹, has reminded me how much of a subby slut I really am :O :)

Usually very subby, but lately, I have discovered a more dominant side. 25

I challenged Abbie to a match, and was immediately made to feel inferior, she tied me up over and over again, and made me into her small little fuck toy. She fucked me in my ass and stretched me out proper with her big strapon. She first made me cum by beating my heavy swollen balls with her strong hard punches, then, before i could make her cum once, she pinned me down and drained me inside of her tight ass :O Making me cum for the second time without her cumming once :O She put me well and truly in my place, teasing and humiliating me about how pathetic my cock is that it couldn't make her cum. I am now trapped in a cage, with my cock locked in a chastity cage, where Mistress Abbie says she is going to train me to please women and make them cum, before I am allowed to be released from chastity.

Kinks (when Dom)
Orgasm control
Forced orgasms
Controlling toys
Post orgasm torture
Body writing

Kinks (when sub)
Tease and Denial
Orgasm control
Ruined orgasms
Body writing
Pillow humping
Locking me in my chastity cage :)
Being Tied Up (gagged, collared, bound)

being used by a taller domme :) (I am only 5'1" (157cm) IRL, yes, really...)

I will add more when I find them :)

I am now the slave of Mia, I am her toy for her to use

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