Ryan, Mommy's Newbie (Level 8) mail warning

Open for games with rules and bets or IRL.

Hello nice to meet you. More a sub here, looking for nice people to meet. I'm a bisexual female leaning shy guy at first but can be quite bratty and talk a lot if i know people better. Looking for irl games and also for rp games. Not so much experience in rp but wanna try it more. Love to play with some bets or extra rules to make it more interesting and irl bets. But not a requirement.
I'm curious to try anal but that depends heavily on my mood and don't happens very often. You can ask me if you want to use my hole. Maybe someone want's to train me there also.

Languages: English, German


Always open for a chat so feel free to dm me if you want to play or chat with me. Also love to edge to hentai pics so feel free to send me some.

I'm proudly wearing this collar given to me by Mommy Maya.

There wasn't any fight or bet. She knew she was superior and made me submit instantly, handing me that collar above I now proudly wear.

In-game Rules:
1.) If you end a day of fighting with more losses then victories you'll have to use a buttplug for 5 minutes.

2.) Edge every cumtest preformed against you.

3.) You must keep touching yourself and edging whenever you're in matchmaking, every edge equals a ball squeeze when you find a game.

4.) You must choose actions that involve you stripping off your clothes.

5.) Whenever you lose a game, you have to ask the winner to roll a d20. The roll is the number of times you have to edge.

IRL Rules:
1.) Every Monday you will do a cum tribute to a picture of my choice (optionally you can send me a picture of the printed picture with cum on it if you don't find my request too excessive).

2.) You have 2 weekly orgasm (cum tribute not included).

3.) 3 times a week you'll have to wear a buttplug for 5 minutes. This time will increase by 5 minutes every month (edit this rule every month so everybody can see how long you have to wear your plug).

Kinks and Limits


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Rope bunny
98% Degradee
96% Voyeur
96% Submissive
93% Exhibitionist
90% Non-monogamist
89% Masochist
78% Experimentalist
70% Dominant
66% Degrader
64% Slave
62% Rigger
54% Master/Mistress
51% Brat
48% Switch

Honorable Mentions:

Anna forced me to lick her pussy and i loved it so much that i want to submit to her again.

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