Syles (Level 7) mail warning

Mostly looking for a shorter game; opened to roleplay or a longer game

Hey everyone, I’m Syles

I tend to take the lead or split leading between the two of us, but am opened to letting you take control if that’s what you want. When I lead, I love making you feel good and if you’re doing great I will tell you that.

I like bondage and love role playing, but I’m not a fan of degrading or pain (mainly I don’t like doing it but not too big on a fan of receiving it).
Honestly opened to pretty much anything though (opened to being asked questions if you have any, especially about a role play ideas, personally I like romantic ones but I’m opened to anything if it makes you happy).

Don’t do much IRL stuff though, mainly taking pictures or anything like that (but besides that I’m opened to talk about).

I guess my main thing is that I want to do what makes you happy. If you want to try something or talk about it, I’m all ears.

DM me if you are interested. Even if you just want to talk I’d be down to message back and forth.
I hope you have a good day and have fun!

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