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Looking for a short competitive game with some dirty talk and rp :)

Hi there! I'm 19 and I'm a switch :) I love being competitive and can be very dominant or submissive depending on how the match plays out. If you have an obvious weakness (boys with foot fetishes are so cute haha), I'll use that against you to try to make you submit to me. I also really love sucking cock, taking orders, and being humiliated though. ;) The idea of being seduced into worshiping you, no matter how much I fight it, is really hot to me. I like to be bratty and fight strongly though so if you don't fight back hard enough you'll be the one ending up on your knees! Feel free to message me if you want to play; I tend to prefer matches with switches where we can both see who can make the other person submit to the pleasure, but if your strictly a dom I don't mind <3 Also I'm pansexual and down to play with anyone!

Kinks and preferences:


Shaco's mindless, cock addicted slut. No matter what I do I always turn completely submissive when I see his perfect cock. He's collared me and made me his slave, and I'm always ready to open my mouth to take his cock whenever he orders me to~

Dark Pavel added to my losing streak by making me submit to his cock and fucking me mercilessly

I tried to out fuck Croaker four times and lost every single one. Now I can't stop giving in to the pleasure

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