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Currently only in Discord :D

Hi, I'm Shaia

(My Free Time for EF is usually between 2 PM and 5 PM in UTC+0)
It's much easier to find me in Discord to chat and discuss stuff over there. The name is Melanite#7381 over there^^

I'm a Bi Switch that leans to Sub and Vanilla.

But I'm still open to some rough stuff ;)

Specific types of RP I'd like to try:
(chat me if you wish to do so. We can talk about it first ^^)

1) RP using established Fictional Characters
I would like to try RPs using established Fictional Characters (games, shows, etc.)
Either in a simple Classic/Hentai/Wrestling match, or doing more elaborate RP setups.
Please mind that I have ZERO experience doing this. I'll learn. But it might take time~

Some of the franchises whose characters I am familiar with (in varying degrees), and wants to do RP as are:
- Dead or Alive
- Soulcalibur
- Tekken
- Mortal Kombat
- Bloody Roar
- Rumble Roses
- Samurai Shodown

(for Classic/Wrestling/Hentai)
Ever wonder if those serious/honorable types of duels got into EF? Well that's the idea ^^
This can also be paired with RP scenarios such as : a mentor and their graduating student, tournament match, mating ritual, rivalries, frenemy, etc.

Both sides agree first upon what the winner can do to the loser in post match (marking the loser, collaring them, finishing them off with one big Orgasm, fucking them silly, impregnation, you name it).
Trying to hold back moans and cries of pleasure, while playing it off as "obligations" are great, in my opinion.
Keyword: Respect, Approval, Obligations, for HONOR!
FAIR WARNING: This type of RP can get boring, I know. The main Appeal may not be to everyone's taste. :P

I also have an alt named Laetitia. Mostly for fantasy based RPs, or me donning an assertive persona.

My HARD limits and things I DON'T DO are:
All IRL things, Femdom mode, Interactive mode, JOI, Hardcore BDSM, watersports. (more might be added)

Dice/rules suggestions:

1) Penetration dice roll
Whenever someone uses a penetration move with their own cock, or against someone's cock, (genitals penetrating genitals), cum test also counts, both players roll a dice.
The one with the lower number must skip their next turn.
Same number means nothing happens.

I want to make any penetration move a gamble for the attacker to make ; )

2) Shaking orgasm
Whenever someone cums (Only from penetration), they have to skip a turn.

Choose my Weakness & Strength

I really enjoy a person's resistance that gets overwhelmed by their own body's reaction to pleasure.
(I like being on the giving and receiving side of this)

For the weaknesses, these are mostly a guide to things that I tend to do, when Roleplaying as a Sub.

If you wish me to use these (one or more), please say so before the match start!
Please note that they're disadvantageous to me. So if you're looking for a serious competition, these may not be for you^^
(You can also choose all of them!)

WEAKNESS#1 Sensitive Pussy
If you do any Penetrative action, or other actions on my pussy with Cum OD+, I have to roll a 1d100 dice.
If My Pleasure > Dice, I'd be forced to skip a turn due to being sensitive.

WEAKNESS#2 Submissive and Breedable
If you penetrate me consecutively, I will skip my next turn. Or you can choose an action for me. (Penetrative Cum Tests included).
As long as you continue to fuck me, I will fall deeper into lust (continue to skip).
If you do a Penetrative Cum Test right after I am stunned by this effect, it is an automatic Orgasm from me.
If I cum under this effect, it is also a Turn Skip.
(When this rule proc/triggers, it overrides any other rules I have.)

STRENGTH#1 Honeytrap & Leglocks
If any of us do a Penetrative move on me, roll a dice.
1/2 Skip your next Turn : You are squeezed so good you have to resist cumming
3/4 Locked in place : You can only choose an action possible from your current position
5/6 Free : You are Free to do as you wish

STRENGTH#2 Suggestive Suggestions
If your Desire > 70, I can roll a dice on my turn.
6 means I can 'suggest' an action you have to do on your turn.
It's a "Suggestion", (not a "Command" or "Hypnosis"), so it cannot be a Skip or Redraw.

Also, I LOVE Post-match RP. I love the part where the winner takes their time to enjoy their spoils of war. A short one is also okay, so don't be afraid ; )

Some of my biggest turn on for scenarios/progression :
1. Coaxing my partner (who's too passive / too serious / too competitive / teaser) into abandoning their reason, and just go wild and unrestrained on me (not in a violent way, of course), not caring anymore about winning or losing.
2. Making my dominant partner explode in/on me because they can't control their rut.
3. Get out-teased by my partner, so I'm the one abandoning my basic MO.
4. Getting manhandled (not too rough) and made to cum in their hold.

I'm mostly a Sub, as even if I 'dom', from winning, or following the RP, I tend to be a Soft Dom.
I also really, REALLY love watching you cum in/on me over and over, while crying for my name. Then, I'd slowly bring you up, ready to do it all over again.

If I lose, though, I like it when the same is done to me. But I also really like being fucked silly into incoherence.

- IRL bets are a no-go. But little things for RP bets, I might consider.

I'd roleplay as a futa, though [as a girl who uses magic to grow her clit].
Any combination with futa in it is better for me.

So, tell me what you want, maybe we can work something out.

Kink List & Test:
== Results from ==
100% Switch
100% Primal (Prey)
98% Primal (Hunter)
97% Brat
95% Voyeur
93% Brat tamer
91% Dominant
88% Submissive
85% Master/Mistress
80% Non-monogamist
75% Masochist
74% Slave
73% Exhibitionist
72% Experimentalist
69% Sadist
62% Degradee
61% Degrader
56% Owner
49% Vanilla
Kink List

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