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Hey there~ If im online that means im ~very~ horny, and whether you want to get fucked or fuck me is entirely fine! Im a very kinky switch and im into most shit, as long as its not overly dangerous or disgusting~ I would love it if any cute doms wanted to snuggle afterwards, or any cute subs wanna fall asleep in my arms. Yes im packing a dick, think you can compare to it?~ other than that lets just have some fun while i milk you dry~ permanent claiming isnt cool with me and neither is rudeness. I look forward to having my tongue in your ass!~~

Emotional Marshmellow
My girlfriend is the only person who has been able to successfully dom me. Shes my mommy and my claimed ~peach~ and I am her mommy and milking cow. She is the only one who I have allowed to claim me and I will never allow rudeness towards her.

Also my girlfriend, me and my mommy like to share her and give her all the attention she seeks, shes a major sub who is open to most things, and is my darling ~hunbun~. She is my sweety I claimed and I will not tolerate rudeness to her.

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