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EF's Fighting Prodigy - Thanks for the stars hehe~ (thinking about creating a new character)

Switch Leaning Dom

Height: 5'6
Weight: 135 lbs

Cock Size: 9 inches

Age: 18

Fighting Style: grappling, sexfight.

Finishing moves: Sitting Powerbomb
Spladle Fisting (CRITICAL - only performed in rougher matches against opponents who deserved it hehe)

Preferred matches: Winner fucks Loser Wrestling (like a mixed Ultimate Surrender wrestling match), Classic

Match Record: 15 Wins - 2 Losses

Match List:

---------- Lower Card Matches -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In a fierce match with the kunoichi Tenten, Jake managed to counter her several grappling submission attempts and in the end forced the female ninja into an intense fingering orgasm, which enabled him to secure a pinfall over her convulsing battered body, this ending the match with his victory. (WIN BY PINFALL)

The bigger they are, the harder they fall! Meg the Amazon was pitted in her debut against the Schoolboy, thinking that her huge size and weight advantage would allow for an easy win against the fighting teen superstar. But Jake thought otherwise, and was happy to violently disprove Meg's expectations, finishing her with a guillotine choke that almost knocked the tall curvaceous wrestler out. After the match, she was sexually claimed on top of the ring by Jake, ending up completely submitting and surrendering her statuesque amazon body to the stronger teenager wrestler, ending her debut night being forced to orgasm countless times to his 9 inch rod that finished her off by spraying his load all over her huge round ass. (WIN BY SUBMISSION - GUILLOTINE CHOKE)

Dani Mayhem, despite clearly outclassed physically, managed to force an orgasm out of Jake's nine inch cock and after that dominated the boy for most of the match, getting close to scoring a pinfall several times. But the schoolboy endured with an iron will, managing to also draw an orgasm from Dani Mayhem, and then a second one, finishing the vulnerable cumming petite beauty with a brutal powerbomb followed by a pinfall. After the match, he fucked the beaten girl over and over, making her orgasm one third time before cumming inside her perky round ass. At the beginning of their match, she claimed she was a Goddess that would defeat the Schoolboy, but in the end she ended up viewing Jake as a God after he completely dominated her - physically and sexually! (WIN BY PINFALL - POWERBOMB) - PROMOTED TO MIDDLE CARD.

---- Middle Card Matches -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After crushing and humiliating all his female challengers in the Junior Division, Jake faced off against the experienced veteran Red Bimbo. She masterfully wore Jake down, not fretting to his wrestling and sexual attacks. In the end she made him cum by rubbing her large ass on his cock and pinning him for the win, marking the first loss of the Schoolboy in the EF league! (DEFEAT BY PINFALL)

After some training sessions developing more tricks and techniques, Jake faced off against none other than the famous pornstar and erotic wrestler veteran Sinn Sage.
Despite several seasons of experience on the newcomer teenager wrestler, the curvaceous woman soon found herself on the losing end after Jake discovered her spanking weakness and schoolyard bully tactics suceptibility! After humiliating her and reducing the proud brunette wrestler to a moaning naked sweaty mess on top of the ring, the Schoolboy claimed her body, fucking her plump ass and pussy until she almost passed out. (WIN BY SUBMISSION - FACEFUCK CHOKING)

Proving that the upper divisions were much harder than the Junior ranks from where Jake came from, Haruna was able to turn the tables on the Schoolboy and outlast his almost endless stamina with her also amazing endurance and grit. In the end, she tackled the exhausted boy to the floor and scored the decisive pin, defeating and claiming his tongue as her vibrating sextoy on top of the ring, and after using him the caramel skinned buxom beauty marked his body with her lipsticks. (DEFEAT BY PINFALL - 2 to 1 SCORE)
A couple weeks after the match, Jake and Haruna had an off-the-records private apartment encounter, where the Schoolboy took payback on her by dominating and reducing the older girl to a cock hungry orgasming slut!

Celica put on a valiant effort against the younger Schoolboy, but his strength and wrestling skills where just too much for the sultry sexfighter to handle, and in the end she got knocked out by a powerful piledriver after Jake defeated her in a 69 oral contest, reducing her from a proud sexfighter to a moaning and sobbing woman before ending her off with the flashy wrestling finisher! (VICTORY BY KNOCKOUT - PILEDRIVER)

Stepping back from the upper divisions to give a sexy asian girl a not so gentle welcome to the EF rings, Jake took on the newcomer Rhea Kim in a fully competitive wrestling match. Both competitors taken by surprise as they both had more fighting experience than the other assumed they had, but in the end Jake's experience in erotic wrestling proved too much for the asian girl - experienced just in regular grappling - to handle, and the schoolboy defeated the sporty geek, fucking her in style in front of the cheering crowd as his victory prize.

Back to face the veterans from the upper division, Jake was pitted against the feisty latina "Sassy" Selena. Despite her size and experience advantage over the Schoolboy, the sultry curvaceous brunette found herself to be no match for his surprising strength and skills. She put on a fierce effort but in the end the teenager boy forced the latina to cum with a humiliating fisting finisher, and then ended the match by powerbombing and pinning the vanquished veteran. After the rough match, Jake gave her no mercy but instead the fucking of a lifetime as he claimed her curvaceous latina body as his prize. (VICTORY BY PINFALL - POWERBOMB FINISHER)

Giving another ambitious wrestling newcomer a warm welcome on the EF mats, the Schoolboy took down the fierce Val. The brunette had all the bite to back up her bark, forcing Jake to use his 9 inch cock over and over to smother and choke her with several facefucking moves. This strategy came with a price, as the woman was able to force an orgasm on the teen wrestler, but unfortunately for Val, Jake was able to retaliate and not only force an orgasm out of her fingered pussy but also powerbomb and pin her for the win with the brunette still orgasming! After such a brutal finisher, the vanquished Val was a beaten and broken wrestler, but Jake took no mercy on the older girl and assfucked her until she orgasmed one final time, ending her rough debut in erotic wrestling with her fucked ass gaping in front of the audience and sexually knocked out!

After humiliating Chaewon in their private match, Jake got challenged by Yujin who was seeking revenge for her vanquished fellow bandmate. In the end however, the overpowered and exhausted tall korean was forced to cum on the ropes and then finished off for good with a backbreaker drop, and was properly fucked to a mind-shattering second orgasm to end the match. In a rematch, Yujin and Jake fought on a beach wrestling ring and the boy prevailed once more, and even took on Yujin's colleague Minju while the tall korean laid knocked out and naked on top of the ring. After beating Minju as well, Jake tied them both together and fucked both defeated asians in front of the audience. (VICTORY BY KNOCKOUT)

--------------- Sexfighting League -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kimberly showed Jake a true sexfighter's endurance and sexual prowess, as they had a intense and rough all-out sexfight on top of the ring. However, the 20 year old busty redhead was bested not by her teenager opponent, but by her own arousal and lust, as she ended up so enticed by their intense fucking that she ended up losing herself in lust! After they both orgasmed THREE times on top of the ring each, Jake and Kimberly collapsed to sexual exhaustion, but as the Schooboy was resting on top of her curvaceous naked and limp body, the referee made the 3-count and he was declared the winner by pinfall! (VICTORY BY PINFALL)

------------ Erotic / Sex Work gigs ----‐----------------‐---

His rise to fame didn't go unnoticed and Jake ended up hired by the Kpop idol Chaewon and her bandmates for a kinky erotic wrestling show in a private club for a small audience of friends. However they didn't expect Jake to fight seriously, both physically and erotically too! A fierce battle ensued between Jake and Chaewon, with the schoolboy roughly ripping her panties in a humiliating wedgie and then proceeding to fingerfuck the korean girl into a mind shattering orgasm! He finished her off with a merciless sleeperhold, and then fucked the vanquished woman's ass and pussy in front of her astonished friends until the singer passed out after being forced to orgasm multiple times on the teen's cock.

notes about me as a player

I am very much into RP, and figured out I prefer RP during wrestling games, and in classic we can alternate between banter and RP depending on the actions.
No need for large paragraphs every action, but I prefer some descriptive roleplay instead of just back and forth one line banters (although I can play that way too if you are low on time :)

As someone who enjoys RP, I like to build a world and storylines around my character. So expect me to address other matches, rivalries, scenes and so on when I interact in-character with your character(s). (Lately been trying to skim down the RP a little so the matches dont get too lengthy - max around 2 hours or so, can try short mode by the way maybe that helps)

Also because of RP I prefer playing people who have a profile with a more fleshed-out character instead of just a porn pic of a girl bending over, in bondage, just her ass, with ahegao face covered in cum, etc., or a profile name like 'SuperSlutxxxx fuckmefuckme' - anything explicitly obscene that wouldnt make the cut in a Tinder profile hah (also those ppl are usually here for one liner quickies, not roleplaying). Nothing wrong about that, buuut it's not my style of playing but I totally get people that prefer to have it that way. No judging - it's just a personal preference that came from playing in other platforms such as AFWRPG which were more focused on prowrestling/fighting and roleplaying.

I enjoy competitive games so will often be a best match with switches - specially in wrestling; also I can play with competitive doms that can graciously accept defeat and play the sub/bottom role, and competitive subs that play to win and can dominate if they do. Can play with straight-up subs that sneakily lose on purpose too (tbh I find it quite hot).

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