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Blue's been around a bit - there's not much he hasn't seen or that will phase him (or so he thinks).

Forced to resign from the fire service in disgrace following a steep and dark decent into gambling, drinking and whore-ing following the breakup of his marriage to the high-school sweetheart that any smarter man than him could see wasn't going to go the distance, he's been trying to piece his life back together.

Gambling debts all but paid off, and a handle on the drinking for now but still a persistent weakness for the ladies pervades his conscious as he desperately tries to reclaim the heady rush of hormones and lust from his teenage years; when everything but nothing actually mattered and the world was at his feet.

Surely, there's another girl out there who's going to be able to satiate his desire and become the missing piece of his mental jigsaw, a fallen angel that could soothe the trauma of a decade's worth of turbulence? Even if there isn't, Blue sure as hell is going to try to fuck as many of them as he can.

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