Kuro (♀) (Level 2) mail warning

Won't play much. I'm fond of cuteness and wholesomeness.

. /!\ Things you need to know if you plan to play with me /!\ .
//-Every Kuro, including this one, is immune to any form of mental control, and possession if it still happens would result in Kuro's body self destructing, so avoid those please
//-Ask before doing anything to a Kuro, or they may portal away, or even fight back with swords and more.
(this list may be expanded later)

Main profile: Kuro (♂)

This character is still a bit of a WIP. If any mods or admin find something that doesn't respect a rule, be sure to tell me, I can be quite oblivious, so I may not notice it myself. Thanks in advance !

Kuro (♀) is one of many clones of my main OC, and this one specifically is an alternate form for Kuro (♂). As most of them, she is a fighter, as much with swords as with martial arts. Not a sexual fighter though, but she doesn't mind some lewding, as long as you don't try to force her. Every Kuro is bound by rules from their original. I love telling people about my universe, so feel free to ask if you're curious ^w^
Little warning: Every Kuro is immune to any form of mental control.
Details on appearance: Most Kuros have dark hair, blue eyes, and are about 1.70m tall for around 60kg. Kuros are often genderless, but can have any sex.
This one in particular got mostly a human/starsian body (starsian are an alien race pretty similar to humans) with cat ears and a cat like tail, both as dark as her hair.

I may or may not enable most of the kinks to have more actions showing if I play. So assume that what is selected isn't what I actually like. In case of doubt, feel free to ask ;3
Pain is a turn off most of the time, with the only exception for now being butt spanks, as long as they aren't too strong x3

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