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Pretty busy right now, so I won't be on much ^^" (Messages are still welcome, though I may take a while to respond, sorry TT)

WIP atm!!

Just a gothic girl looking to have fun~ I'm a switch, but depending on how forward you are, I do lean pretty heavily... I enjoy competitive & rp matches, just let me know which one you want to do when we start! I'm lesbian, so no men, obviously. Bets and all are welcome, and if you make a good impression I'll write you down in my matches of interest ^^

As for physical appearance, I'm about 5'3. I'm a bit chubby: big thighs, big tits, fat ass~ My hair reaches down just past my butt. My eyes are deep purple, and I do enjoy eyeshadow a bit too much, if I'm honest... As for clothes? Well, I usually don't have them on long, but I always wear a black choker along with a collar, courtesy of Selma. Clothes other than that vary depending on season and all, but they tend to have a spooky theme! I'm not too strong, but I'm sure I use my charms effectively for other women~

I'm very into bondage, collars especially. If you treat me well as a dom, you'll earn my utmost respect; as much as I enjoy getting fucked into submission, I like being sweet with whoever I'm playing with

Here are some buttons to push and likes I have so you can have an easier time !
-Mocking me pushes my buttons in all the right ways <3
-Groping, especially my ass
-Give me something to suck on, if you know what I mean~
-Aftercare is important !
-Oh, and uhm... This is embarrassing, but I like having my face petted and rubbed- Although fair warning, I might be a lot more subby if you do this~

Psst, by the way- I've got limits!!

None of this is allowed or I will stop the match and block you
-Underage rp or related things (this should really be common sense :/)
-Water sports
-Genital hair (Descriptions of it just kind of irk me ;;)
-Stalker/Peeping Tom/Cheating (Not immediate block, but kinda uncomfortable for the most part)

Rules/Features from past fights:
-I have a collar, courtesy of Selma

Bets in place:
-Due to losing to Linlin, for the next ten games, I must take the most submissive option in my turn after being mocked (0/10)

Matches of interest

At first I was dominating Selma, but soon, I found out who was truly in charge... The collar only solidified it <3 Though the aftercare was the best part- It was just sweet and cuddly and the switching was my favourite ~

I can't believe I lost to someone with an abusable rule... Hmph, I'll get you back for this, Charly

I've collared Angela with one that reads 'Rainy's bad girl'. I think it's fitting for someone who gave me such a fight, only to get dommed so hard <3

Melissa managed to beat me twice, even when I tried so hard to rematch- I'm still so frustrated that I didn't get her... Somehow, she made me cum in half the time I made her cum once- And then she mocked me, and I... I'll get her back for this-

Hmm, finally back and winning~ Rosa became my fucktoy after our match in LWR. She was quite tough, but... I broke her in the end~ (My ass is so sore after though TT) Plus, she was just so cute , especially with the collar I gave her <3 I look forward to our rematch~

Cherry was quite the match!~ Most of the time, I was stuck in her ropes... She ties them too well TT But! I won in the end, and she easily submitted~ She's now my slut, and an adorable one, mind that <3 Of course, as with all of these... She has a chance to rematch ^^

Jen and I had quite the back and forth battle of tying each other up~ Thankfully, the dice were on my side, and she was almost always stuck, submissive to me~ I must admit, she got me very, very close to being her orgasmic little plaything, but I managed to rail her into submission~ I feel so bad for being rough though ): She's now marked as mine by rain drop tattoos down her back <3

I played Iris twice. The first time I won, but I didn't get so lucky the second... I pushed my luck too far by trying to rub in my victory, but in the end I just lost to a very lucky cum test.... Well, if I get a rematch, I won't make that same mistake <3

Linlin was... Well, I certainly wasn't in a very good mood when we first met. But erm... She snapped my choker only a bit after starting, and... Well, I could only be a naughty little bunny after that~ I kept being a brat, but each time I was, she punished me accordingly... (Not to mention how badly RNG was for me T^T)

(Role play preferred but not mandatory! I enjoy quick games as well ^^)

Psst, by the way- I've got an awful habit of falling asleep in the middle of a game because my long work hours leave me exhausted. Please forgive me if I do ^^;;

Ah, and a few other things too- I've got very poor eyesight and don't use my glasses sometimes since I have an outdated prescription at the moment, so please just let me know if I misinterpret something! My wifi goes out way too much as well- I don't know the cause of it, and I haven't gotten it fixed yet :[

Oh, and since you've made it all the way down here....

Here's a little preview of what you might see~

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