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A fight for dominance? Or complete and utter servitude?

5ft 10inch tall, cock size 5.7inch, mostly sub but not afraid to dom. Totally fine with bets and being humiliated. Just because im a sub, doesn't mean I will just let you control the entire match! Your going to have to break me first for that! Heres hoping for a good time with all of you!

Kink list: https://i.imgur.com/WnmWwZR.png

I love succubus/demons, witches, and goths. HAPPY to help them out in anyway I can! Whether it's spells, transformations, or anything at all!

I also LOVE hypnosis, if anybody wants to give me hypnosis videos irl or hypnotize me themselves, we can make a bet on it!

Memorable fights:

Kimberly Mounds: at the time of writing this, have had 3 fights, and I dominated all 3 of them. Having 2 of then back to back, making her squirt everywhere both in game and irl, and not able to make me cum even once! Maybe she will beat me one day, but at this rate, she might become my personal pet 😈

Gabi M.: Drawing me into the world of ero wrestling was her biggest mistake. From cage matches, to sex only wrestling, I've beaten her every time and slowly turning her to my personal jobber. Perhaps she'll get her revenge one day, but I'm hoping to keep her lust drunk and always needing more 😏

Cleaned them out to start again!!

And I lost a double or nothing bet...

Lustful leah Rae: every time you go down on anybody you have to roll a dice. AND Every time you get a pussy eating option you have to take it (5/5 games)

Self made rules:

"Good boy": if my opponent starts a match saying, "Be a good boy and get naked" I must edge irl everytime my opponent says, "good boy"

"Edge slut": anybody with a pink/red name may roll a 1d6 and say, "edge jake" I must edge that many times. Public chats or private games. If in public chat. Each person can only roll 3 times. Just to keep it SEMI in control ;)

"Be a good gooner": anyone with pink/red names may send me whatever porn they want, video, image, gif, of any subject with a number 1-10, and I'll edge that many times to the porn sent. No limit to the amount of times someone can send them.

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