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I need it rough

I am 5'10 with a lean build. Medium length shaggy brown hair. Slightly hairy. I'm a nerdy guy who usually keeps to himself. I yearn for romance but settle all to easily for dirty, kinky sex. I like to resist but after a while I give in. When I RP I like to be descriptive, so it might take a while. If you want it more competitive, I can shorten my responses to one line or less.

Rule: Every time there is a fucking move chosen I will roll a d8. If I lose I get spanked. The amount of spanks will be determined by a die roll that starts at 8 sides and gradually gains sides.

Likes/ turn ons (A few are opposites, it makes no sense but I roll with the punches) :
Being dominated, skull fucking, being completely exposed, exhibition, biting, neck/ears stuff, praise/humiliation, being spanked, being used/being appreciated, a bit of water sports, JOI

Dislikes/ turn offs (on here I can weed them out pretty well):
Extreme pain, completely quiet matches

Standard Rule/ Bet
If you defeat me you can tell me how to describe the match in this bio. Vice versa if you accept.

After a powering through some orgasms, Dan defeated me. I came as he railed me. Afterwards he blindfolded me and bound my wrists and turned me out.
After a bunch of close calls I pounded Iron Will until he came all over my face. I made sure to share it with him though.
I was used by subcamslut. After being plowed and rimmed for almost an hour I came to his amazing mouth. As I lay tired and out of breath he came all over me.
After a wild ride of submission and domination I made Young_Griff cum from a deep pounding. I wish it had ended with my mouth on his cock but that can't be helped.
After being bratty and trying to overwhelm Winston, he easily put me back in my place, fucking me silly without even cumming once. By the end of the match I was his good, obedient boy, bent over senseless and thinking only of cock~

I just got some lovense toys in

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check Kinks: Male domination, Anal (male), Pain, Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Armpits, Tickling, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Cock Worship
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