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Read my profile first. Wrestling match or vigilante

Bi / Switch

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19 year old dom leaning switch who doesn’t really care who he interacts with. Fikri is a wrestler during the day, having only recently joined the EWL as Punk Drunk. Though the newbie has more than just those two names, going by the name Vagabond. A rather prominent vigilante in EF City who can be a bit rough with the criminals he catches.


This notorious vigilante is a hindrance to both criminals and police alike. Yet no one has ever been able to catch him yet. Is anyone even willing to try?

Notable Wins:

Kiri I came across this little sissy by pure luck in one of my matches and as I do I let the people watching choose any rules for me to follow. This little slut forced me to choose the "cum" option every time there was a test. When I'd finished with my opponent at the time I soon challenged this naughty slut to a game. Like the sub they are it didn't take a lot for them to start begging for my cock though I didn't give in to all this sissies wishes as I forced him to see which of our asses could take a dildo better only for him to cum immediately after it was fully inserted. I left this little slut drenched in cum and writing so she could remember just how easily I'd turned him into a sissy.

Notable Losses:

I’m very much into RP, IRL, and bets. Just talk about rules/bets/etc before we play.

A guard dog for Sera.

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shopping_cart Spielzeuge: Knebel, Dildo, Vibrator, Kragen/Halsband, Leine, Handschellen, Seil, Gummiband, Schnürsenkel


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