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Alren's costume

A Halloween party seemed just the thing to get to mixing with others. After doing a bit of shopping Alren ended up going with a simple preist costume. What better way to 'ward' off all the evils of the night of spirits then to appeal to a higher power? Of course, the fun in dressing up was always in the details so he made sure to bring a book with a holy looking symbol on it at the local second hand book store. He never bothered to read it, mostly, it felt heavy and right in his hands. A good grip along it's leather bound spine to hold and use to smack the bottoms of errant imps and demonesses that might try and be naughty this time of year.

More then that he rather liked that the costume was rather baggy. He didn't need to hide rope under there. He'd made sure to buy a strong enough stole that could funtion for that in a bind. But the loose clothing did allow him to bring a number of small electronic toys to tease with and a vial of holy water that was really filled with icy hot.

Of course, to play his part at the party, he'd only tease the girls without letting them 'indulge' in their sinful ways that night. Or at least untill the clock struck midnight. It was so exciting that he never did notice how the book he'd grabbed would occasionally flip open, always to the same page, as if there were a passage in it that it desperatly wanted to be spoken out loud...

Halloween costume

I have been enjoying erotic role play for years. I think the whole idea of making someone's night just by writing something lewd that's tailored just for them to be positive and uplifting especally when there's so much judgement pushed towards sexuality. I like to experiment, and love the communities I've grown to be a part of.

Looking for:

I'm looking for a literate play partner that can be flexable in their play times. I enjoy BDSM elements in play, of control and even cnc. I'm a switch at heart but am most comfortable in the Dom role. I like people that are honest and kind since when I write, it's for an audiance of one. Liking the person I'm playing with helps with making my posts more detailed and impactful so I can't stress how importaint it is to have that personal connection.

For kinks I enjoy playing a part in the narritive of breaking someone's mind with pleasure. Either rope play binding them so they can't escape being teased and toyed with, or a more primal kind of play of just pushing and holding them down while fucking every last errant thought from their pretty little minds and making them nothing more than My sexy little toy drooling from lilps and pussy alike. Sexual exhibition, begging, moaning and acting like a needy little slut are ways to catch my eye.

My character:

Alren is a tall atheltic man in his early 30's. Standing at just over six feet tall, his broad shoulders tapper down to a trim waist and athletic thighs that speak to the time he spends doing cardio at the gym. He keeps his brown hair cut short and clean and has a strongly defined jaw line akin to Henry Cavil. While Alren's voice possesses a richly carmelized grumble to it that can come across as warming at times, there's a sharpness in his blue eyes that shows that his mind takes in every little detail presented before him, even if it's not commented upon.

His is a well to do business man that has decided to join the erofights for a bit of fun as a way to show off his Dominance and feed his ever growing ego.

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