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26yo hip hop gal (170 cm, 58 kg) looking for some sexy fun. Mainly with dirty talking and minor RP. Don't let the looks fool you, though. I'm more of a pleaser and teaser. Making sure that we both have a steamy time is usually more important to me than being overly dominant or submissive. I can adapt to the situation at hand. In case we get carried away, games can certainly take longer than an hour. Please reserve enough time! Quitting right in the middle of things is the opposite of fun.

There is a small kink bonus for older sugar daddies and young folks. Weak against hung alpha males, juicy BBCs and sexy MtF Trans 🍆 Also quite the little squirter who loves sucking dicks as much as rimming my partners. My long nails look fabulous when wrapped around your shaft for handjobs and I'm no stranger to footjobs or worship either. I have a secret crush on cute Traps, Crossdressers, Sissys and Femboys. Please don't be shy! 😘 Rarely interested in female opponents or other game modes besides Classic and Wrestling Ring.

Not into ⛔ Armpits, Tickling, Cum play, Medical, Latex, Chastity, CBT, blood or other excretions except saliva and cum. Spanking is still encouraged 🍑 No big hentai or anime fan. Bets and rules can sometimes be interesting, but IRL stuff is off limits. For some reason, I really like seeing hard cocks in pfps 🤤 That said, pics of celebrities or suits generally turn me off. Click here for a mostly accurate Kinklist, if you're interested.


🟢 Ray (Slutty Femboy) served as my personal little fucktoy after his defeat. I used all his holes properly and made sure, his cute butthole gaped after spitroasting him with my friend and a thick 8" strappy. He got a good training out of it and came by my feet and anally. (to be continued?)

|| 🔴 = to do || 🟡 = active || 🟢 = finished ||


Smite overpowered me easily with his hot muscles and analized me thoroughly. After inflicting the second orgasm on me, he filled me up with his sticky cum and collared my neck.
Tyler (deleted guy) made short work of my brain. His 10" BBC destroyed my pussy twice and marked me as his first white bitch after Nicole and Lily. I may be addicted to his black dick now.
A cute af Femboy (deleted) challenged me. Unortunately, we ran out of time. However, since it was extra sensual and hot for both of us, he had me on the floor relentlessly pumping my dripping cunt face down ass up.
AJ. used my weakness as size queen and dominated me quickly with bis BBC. He and his friend DPed both my pussy and asshole leaving me a quivering mess. He even made me milk his massive shaft only to be facialized by a big load serving as further humiliation.
Alex the Buttslut covertly put me under his mind control during our encounter. As soon as I succumbed, I was only craving for his marvelous cock. He easily pounded two squirting orgasms from me and filled my holes with even more of his magic spunk. (1st fight)
CasualGuy overpowered me with his large dick. I persuaded him orally to spurt ropes of his thick sperm over my face, before he outfucked me in a standing missionary.
Erick forced 3 mindshattering orgasms from me, one on my own cumtest. He totally crushed my little butthole first, then proceeded to not only creampie my pussy, but also knocked me out cold on the last orgasm. While unconscious, he quickly plugged my ass and creampied it as well. I was properly marked, collared and broken down to be his mindless living sextoy.
Victor knew exactly how to handle me. Although, he turned me into his squirting bitch fucking me into submission twice in a row, I managed to ride a big load from him first. He plastered my insides with his alpha cum and owns this beta pussy now.
Shota (deleted guy) and I had a sweet match together. Although he's much younger than me and a half breed, after some back and forth and lots of teasing, we both were so horny, that I let him mount me like a bitch in heat. In the end, he bred both my holes ... just in case.
Cutesie ts first charmed me with her beauty, then kept licking me crazy (pussy and ass), before finally fingering me to a dripping orgasm. I eagerly sucked a big load from her, but she finished me by making me bounce on her perfect girlcock while skillfully fingering my sensitive clit.
Alex bested me again using his hypnotic powers and physical strength. After drilling my pussy open from behind, I was still able to twerk an orgasm from him ... corrupting me further. This led to him totally choke-fucking me into submission, asserting his dominance over me. (2nd fight)
Mandy (deleted MtF) had a surprising first orgasm when I was dildoing her sensitive sphincter. But she came back fiercely, licking me to my own squirting orgasm first. Then she kept on pressing, having me bounce on her beautiful member while rubbing my clit into sweet defeat.


Ray (Slutty Femboy) was my first victory. He fought bravely, but ultimately couldn't overcome my female power. He exploded twice with a bound and rimming handjob.
Ethan was a 18yo virgin needing guidance by an experienced girl. I wasn't too rough with him. He instantly popped when I pegged him, then exploited his foot fetish for the second load.
Eli The Erecter (in LWR) thought she was superior with her juicy dick. Granted, I almost succumbed to her sexy feet making me cum twice(!), but I wasn't as exhausted as she'd hoped. After all, I drained her heavy balls with an intense BJ and another rough strapon session for the ultimate victory.
Jess Matthews (in LWR) planned on dominating me, so I'd be her next bottom bitch. Between all her swift fingering and doggy fucking, she inflicted an intense anal orgasm first and then one by cunnilingus, when I was down. Too bad for her, I regained the upper hand forcing her to give up after anal fingering/rimming and a devastating dildo attack.

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