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Rarely playing these days, but DMs open here/on discord!

Hétéro / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Hi! Thanks for coming to my little corner of EF...

Co-creator of new Love Mode! I know it's still wip, but hope you all like it!! Open to DM's here or over on Discord if you like...

I'm Switchy as hell, both irl and on here. I love all sorts of play and can adapt depending on my mood and the mood / needs / desires of whoever I'm playing with.

In Classic / Wrestling modes I'm always up for a good bit of RP during matches, if that's your thing - whether that means brief bits of RP and banter between moves, or something much longer and more detailed!

Otherwise we could always play for control. Or even for a little wager or bet ;-) I know there's plenty of you betting types around here!

Of course if you don't like that kind of play and you'd rather just have a good time together then we could certainly do that. While I do love a good bit of competition and have a strong streak of it in me, it's ultimately much more important that we just have a great time!

Femdom / Interactive modes: I will still play these modes, but very rarely these days. Feel free to drop me a message though, if you want to play on either of those.

If my profile's set on Private and you want a Classic or Wrestling match on Public then tell me and I may well be happy to change it.

Also, I do have more toys than the ones on the checklist. Ask me and I can tell you in a message or at the start of a match...

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wc Est hétéro
autorenew Est dominant(e) et soumis(e)
access_time Dernière fois actif : Il y a 23 jours, Créé il y a environ 4 ans
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check Fantasmes OK : Domination féminine, Domination masculine, Hardcore BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Chasteté, Douleur, Humiliation, Bondage, Fetishisme des pieds, Aisselles, Chatouilles, Lick Ass, Threesome/Participation de l'audience, Exhib/Extérieur, Jeux de sperme, Adoration des bites, Pussy Worship, Contrôle d'orgasme, Latex, Medical, Monstres, Alcool, Nourriture
shopping_cart Jouets : Gag, Plug Anal, Gode, Pinces pour tétons, Masseur de prostate, Collier, Laisse, Menottes, Corde, Elastique, Lacets, Cravache, Paddle pour fessée, Cire, Grand mirroir


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Vous faites allumer des bougies à votre partenaire. Dans une minute, quand vous dites, ils vont verser cette cire chaude sur leurs mamelons sensibles. Cire de mamelon Votre partenaire n'a pas joué à temps ! :'-( Délai d'attente du type Let’s leave behind all our problems, our past experiences and duties… let’s start a new life… I don’t want to be with anyone else but you!
Us against the world! Let’s run away together You plant a small hickey on her neck as you move one hand down to rub her pussy. Embrasse son cou pendant que tu la frottes Tu l'as asseyez et le  rendez fou avec un strip-tease alléchant Striptease pour lui You push the dildo into her, just as she does the same to you. The pleasure you're getting from each other is overwhelming! Partagez le plaisir en chevauchant un double gode Under her or above her, it doesn't matter, you both want the same thing. Soixante neuf Vous la prenez dans vos bras et savourez le moment en la regardant profondément dans les yeux. Regarde au fond de ses yeux Faites-lui enlever ces pinces, faites-les tourner de 90 degrés et remettez-les immédiatement. Faire pivoter les pinces à tétons Vous lui faites se donner une bonne gifle en votre honneur. Assurez-vous que vous obtenez un "merci" approprié pour cela. Gifle-toi au visage

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