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I met the most amazing girl recently and fell in love with her almost instantly. Kathy is my number one and my fuck buddy. Love you Kathy baby. We had are first fuck date and let me tell you Kathy is no joke when it comes to ball busting. She turned my balls into putty before fucking my brain out almost but I still made her cum first hehe. Second orgasm I shot deep in her womb trying to breed this lovely girl.

Got into some trouble with the law today. Officer Roxanne caught me stealing her uniform and challenged me to a sexfight. I thought with her being naked it be a easy match but she prove me wrong. She got me naked fast and used her tits to milk my cock for the first orgasm. I wasn't going down though and used my illegal milking machine in the officer making her cum hard. But she recover quickly tieing me up and milking me cock with those soft black hand and made a cute face to push me over. Now I got sentice to a month of ass licking for my crime. I'm sorry mommy roxxi I'll be a good girl for the month. Now any time I'm force to eat ass I have to skip and be a good girl and lick my opponent ass.

Weakness: babytalking, pit smothers, stinkface, titjob, musk/odors

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